CAI Xukun fashion matching, let you enjoy vintage cultural jewelry, into the palace of fashion jewelry

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Europe has a long history and a long history of culture. Through the Renaissance movement, batches of excellent artists were born and designed excellent brands and exquisite works of art, so Europe has a very strong artistic background.So Europe, a place full of art, has also left the palace of fashion jewelry.Therefore, we have discovered and learned vintage culture, a treasure brand full of modern design art styles and unique art conservation.Its jewelry and clothes are well known to the world. If you want to buy its products, jewelry is not a good choice, because of its low threshold of entry, good disinfection packaging, easy to wear and high beauty.Jewelry is different from clothes. There is still strong opposition to vintage clothes on the Internet, but the sales volume of vintage jewelry is larger than that of clothes, indicating that jewelry is more popular and has a larger market.Then, why is vintage jewelry widely spread and deeply remembered by the public?Actually, its history is very long, from the point of historical records, it is the basic material of the metal, after the mid 30 s, is it made of alloy metal as raw materials and production, but by the end of world war ii, the shortage of supplies is then bullets or cheap metal becomes the basic materials, although the matter to ban said the United States,But jewelry factories have also moved from jewelry to military supplies or weapons.As world War II drew to a close, they switched from alloy metals to silver and lead.Coro, America’s biggest fashion jewellery brand, has just announced for the first time that silver will create its own high-end label.Therefore, vintage jewelry can also be some ordinary metals, but it has excellent production technology, high delicacy and good quality, so it can be loved by the public.Due to other reasons, the style is more retro and geometric, and the details are properly handled. A variety of gems are used as a backdrop, and the lines are smooth and sufficient. When wearing vintage jewelry, you will find yourself shining.This is CAI Xukun wearing YSL medieval gold brooch shooting Amoussi ads.In 1962, the French designer yves saint Laurent devised this YSL medieval brooch, a brooch based on the base of gold, smooth lines, the radian of overall is a triangle, with multiple leaf shape design, from the overall, bud like yellow flowers or grass, there is a bright pearl as the ornament, low atmospheric restoring ancient ways,Subtle and stylish.The above gold jewelry is inlaid with a variety of gemstones, with red, blue and green as the basis of color matching and orderly arrangement of colors. The gem is cut into oval, round and square, and the overall inlaid is cross type or X type, retro and stable, and the atmosphere of life. If you look carefully, you can still see the shape of ripples and regular contact with each other.This golden bracelet is not difficult to see, carving technology is very technical content, details do very in place, like bells and flowers interlace, hollow spherical design and petal like design communicate with each other, foil each other.This golden bracelet is also inlaid with bright pearls, which can be worn at any time and on any occasion, elegant and generous.So the pearl as the flower set off the style of the whole chain, gold and white color is simple and low-key, but still do not lose the flavor of retro.Through the introduction of the above jewelry, do you think vintage jewelry is very beautiful?The jewelry is not only attractive, but also very expensive.If not for the big brands, 100 to thousands of entry pieces are still available.Some antique jewelry, full of the sense of The Times, if the design is special, there is a certain collection value.Vintage jewelry, coupled with vintage clothing, can bring unexpected effects.This article is from the original jewelry appraiser Yuanyuan, the picture is from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you!