Chenglingji New Port Area held the 2022 investment promotion meeting of the three zones

2022-06-10 0 By

Yueyang full of radio, film and television media news (reporter Mao Yingyan) on February 8th, vice secretary of working committee, management committee director of the new port Qian Danqing chaired a meeting of investment to “three areas” deployment conference in 2022, the party working committee, heddle area management committee Xu Kejun, deputy director of the party working committee, deputy director of the free trade area management committee, Lin LuJie and related department heads to attend.At the meeting, the investment promotion departments of the three districts reported the 2022 work plan and task decomposition in turn, discussed the problems encountered in the current key projects, and agreed on solutions.Qian Danqing pointed out that we should speed up the early signing of projects with intentions, and the early start of signed projects.The heads of each department should sort out the projects on their heads, do a “look back” on all the projects they have contacted, urge the signed projects to fulfill their commitments as soon as possible, and strive to promote the projects with willingness.In the future, all investment promotion departments should report to the management Committee on the progress of each project so as to make comprehensive scheduling.To carry out door-to-door investment promotion month by month, strengthen communication and docking with local chambers of commerce, improve the precision of investment promotion.We will promote the implementation of major projects one by one to ensure their progress, and do a good job in attracting investment in 2022 with the attitude that “the beginning of the year is a sprint, and the beginning is a decisive battle”.