Fake health codes?How to use “Golden Eye and fire Eye” to identify intelligent health code verification terminal

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At present, the epidemic has occurred in many places in China. In order to control the epidemic as soon as possible, the daily movement of people should be emphasized.To facilitate screening of high-risk groups and reduce the risk of human-to-human transmission of the virus, people in crowded places need to show green health code or even negative nucleic acid test proof to pass through.However, some people who are willing to take chances go out of their own interests by forging health codes and nucleic acid certificates to disrupt society and the prevention and control of the epidemic.On March 14, shenzhen police reported that an infected person who tested positive for nucleic acid used someone else’s health code to go out and participate in gatherings for many times during the migration process, and was suspected of concealing his trip. He was booked for investigation on suspicion of obstructing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.Similarly, there are private clinics in Hong Kong selling fake vaccination exemption certificates for $800.These actions have also brought hidden dangers to the epidemic prevention.The health code verification process at the grass-roots level is generally checked by artificial eyes. This method is easy to be exploited by intentional people, such as using others’ health code screenshots to deceive staff.Therefore, many communities, hospitals, office parks, business halls, campus entrances and exits will adopt intelligent health code verification terminals.The advantage of the intelligent health code verification terminal used by Yingyuehu Vaccination Center lies in that it can accurately and quickly identify the health code, prevent fake health code from passing through, and input and upload the information in real time, which is convenient for big data statistics and management.Some temperature measurement face recognition health code check all in one machine can even support witness comparison and health code check.Take our temperature measurement face recognition health code verification all-in-one machine as an example, it can support non-contact infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, face recognition, mask recognition, ID card recognition, health code recognition and other functions.In addition, temperature measurement face recognition health code verification all-in-one machine can also support secondary development and open interface, help to achieve function expansion and application upgrade.The test personnel to stand in the temperature measurement of face recognition health code check machine before the camera, then brush card, can face recognition and witness comparison, contrast and whether the id of the person being tested for the same person, at the same time can be automatically by the id card recognition shows that people’s health code under test information, even nucleic acid results and vaccination information can read linkage,Prevent the use of other people’s health code and other fraudulent activities, to ensure that the epidemic prevention work without mistakes and omissions.TAG: health code check collection terminal | health code identification | temperature measuring face recognition code check all-in-one