State Grid Xixian New Area Power Supply Company: Visit customers to provide energy efficiency services

2022-06-10 0 By

Report from our Newspaper (Correspondent Ankesin Wang Mengqian) On March 24th, The State Grid Xixian New Area Power Supply Company organized various teams to carry out energy efficiency visits, actively contacted customers, listened closely to their feelings, understood their electricity demand, and answered customers’ electricity consultation on-site.At the same time, through the visit, analyze whether the household has the potential to develop photovoltaic business and charging pile business.Through the online “On-site help” platform of State Grid, this visit helps the customer manager to understand the energy consumption situation of enterprise users in Taiwan area, so as to help the customer manager to screen potential users for energy efficiency improvement, and at the same time, users can effectively master their own energy consumption situation and provide more choices for customers.In the process of visiting, explain the business content and handling method of energy consumption demand to customers, make specific analysis according to the energy consumption situation provided by customers, and guide customers to rationally reduce energy consumption cost through electricity price policy, energy efficiency business and other channels.At the same time, it introduces energy efficiency services to customers, provides free energy efficiency consulting and improvement solutions through electricity monitoring and energy efficiency diagnosis, and provides customers with a series of services such as energy efficiency improvement, planning and design, operation and maintenance.Through carrying out energy efficiency visits, it not only reflects the new concept of power supply enterprises taking the initiative to serve customers with energy conservation and efficiency, but also timely promulgate and implement new policies of electricity price reform such as market-oriented electricity sales to users.Next, its west salty district electric power supply company will continue to practice the “people’s electric power for the people” of the enterprise purpose, adhere to the customer as the center to carry out energy efficiency visit, collect customer in power demand and supply services of opinion and the suggestion, pay close attention to customer focus on hot and difficult, strengthen communication with customers, improve customer service identity, and the feeling of satisfaction,Serve customers better.[If you have news clue, welcome to report to us. News pay attention to northwest Information Wechat official account (XBXXBWX) leave a message or add editor wechat account: y609235490/18292963986 Submit email:]