The happy scientists of Chinese geology have formed a circle of inbreeding

2022-06-10 0 By

When faced with the innovative catastrophism – meteoric geology theory, editors of some geological journals would prefer confidence to confidence.But where is the degree?Zhang Haiting, founder of meteoric geology, pointed out the limitation and one-sidedness of “gradual change theory — plate movement hypothesis” in his “catastrophism theory — meteoric geology theory”, which is to hit some people’s rice bowl!The geology experts and professors had not had enough time to appreciate it.From the impact quartz on the central cone of the Cretaceous crater, we Chinese geologists engaged in “happy science” have formed a circle, and they follow the “gradual change theory – plate hypothesis hypothesis”.On the one hand, ye Danian, Li Tingdong, Wang Dezi and other old-timers of the theory of indifference, or change their appearance, a mention and pass;On the other hand, he stole the research results of Chen Guoda and Guo Lingzhi and got the national prize!These are what Mr Ikeji calls “fragmentary geologists”.Catastrophism — theory of meteoric geology Meteoric geology