Zhao Liying filming “Wild Growth” was filmed!Dressed in a red suit, the boss has a striking aura

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“I’d like to introduce my new boss to all of you. Congratulations to Boss Xu for opening the business!” a netizen posted a photo of zhao liying in Wild Growth on social media on Jan 25.It is understood that Zhao Liying this film is the opening of the new company picture.In the shot, Zhao liying changed into a red velvet suit, with her hair in a bun and a red jewel hanging by her ear, looking like a classic woman.At the time of filming, Zhao Liying’s state is very good, sweet smile, pure but people, let the men beside can’t help but see a few eyes.Zhao Liying began to deal with her facial expression, serious, domineering side leak.”Boss Xu” Zhao Liying and the guests were talking and laughing, with a bright smile on her face, a look of high spirits.Speaking of Zhao Liying “Wild Growth”, the film is about the 1990s story, Zhao Liying plays “Xu Banxia”, she with a unique perspective and bold personality, achieved great success in the steel field.Netizens previously revealed that When Zhao liying and Ou Hao rode a bike, Yingbao wore a blue headband and a yellow coat, looking very stylish.Compared with the first two photos, Yingbao’s image has completely changed, which is simply “drama cast face”.Zhao Liying also recently appeared in a rehearsal for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, wearing a black wool coat with a green sweater underneath. Yingbao was fashionably dressed and kept warm.In everyone’s memory, this is yingbao’s first time to participate in the Spring Festival Gala, she will bring you what wonderful performance?In addition, Zhao Liying’s “happiness to ten thousand” is about to be broadcast in CCTV, looking forward to yingbao can have better performance!