Attention!The judging work of the contest was successfully completed

2022-06-11 0 By

On February 10, 2022, the evaluation of the children’s public welfare poster design competition of “Striving for civilized People and Creating civilized City” was concluded.Relevant professionals from the Propaganda Department of Kangbashi District Committee, Culture Office of Kangbashi District, Education and Sports Bureau of Kangbashi District, Ordos Vocational and Technical College, and Youth Development Center of Kangbashi District undertook the evaluation work.Since the call for contributions began on January 20, 2022, the competition has attracted wide attention from children and parents in the whole district in a short period of time. More than 1700 entries from schools, kindergartens and youth development centers have been received.The overall level of the works is high, some of the works are quite innovative.On January 28, 2022, after the initial evaluation by the organizing committee, 203 finalists were selected. All finalists were voted in groups on the platform of “Duoduo Reviews • Code on Life”, and finally 15 finalists were selected for the best popularity award.From February 7 to 10, 2022, the jury panel will conduct the final evaluation of 203 finalists, and select 3 special prizes, 10 first prizes, 20 second prizes, 30 third prizes, 15 best Popularity prizes and 125 excellence prizes.The judges of this competition advocate the originality of works, taking into account works of different styles, different techniques and different interests;On the basis of paying attention to techniques, pay attention to discover the author’s talent and temperament;On the basis of paying attention to interest, pay attention to discover and encourage the author’s interpretation and understanding of “striving to be a civilized man and create a civilized city”, and strive to be tolerant, inclusive and compatible.It is hoped that the majority of children in our district will continue to integrate the theme of “striving for civilization and creating a civilized city” into their study and life, and make contributions to erdos striving for a national model civilized city.(Written by Zhao Nan)