Barcelona’s move was crazy. Was it a desperate move or a deliberate one?

2022-06-11 0 By

According to Babo Sports (big five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), there are those who say barca are desperate for a cure.Not really.Laporta ideas and should be consistent, Harvey is this season as the transition season, just like real Madrid three years ago, and then the window to find a way to, but with real Madrid, Barcelona’s current lineup than real Madrid in the last three years, integral situation is not optimistic, because of dozen don’t in the first four, no champions league qualification, that of Barcelona’s appeal will weaken the half,Harland will definitely not join barca in the summer, so the most important task is to fight for the fourth place and train the new man.According to babo Sports (big five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), there is no need for players like Dembele not to renew his contract.And his approach is also a long-term one.Because all of barca’s current signings, except Ferrantorres, a 23-year-old young man, are only on loan or passed on on loan. For example, Atletico Madrid let Barca buy Morata, which Barca did not do, I do not want to, indicating that these players are only bought by Barca for transition, not part of the team’s future plan.In fact, the circle of brothers also do not need to laugh or worry about Barcelona’s introduction of how, people this season has not wanted to fight with Real Madrid for the Spanish title, people want to fight for the future.Barca’s current target is a striker, in fact, to buy Harland is also.But the problems behind Barcelona seem to be no smaller than the problems in front, which can not be helped, the salary cap is not enough, can only first tighten the place where it matters.The summer window is indeed important, barca is rumored to have 400 million euro salary cap next year, and dembele, Griezmann and Coutinho are all expected to leave in the summer, the salary savings will certainly be enough to eat harland, and even other players, and the likes of Pikebusquets and Alba are also likely to leave.According to Mr Gbagbo sports (five league and the champions league and World Cup, etc.) data show that laporta is obvious in the gambling, he borrowed money for American capital, after the money must be to pay, if not in money before also make Barcelona the resurgence, that you can think about the days behind Barcelona will have much sad, no achievement, also huge debt, the Barcelona want to cause it’s hard to.So Barca targeted Harland, willing to lose money to clean up the three big salaries.He is also a more intelligent and ambitious chairman.At least Barcelona are not doing nothing, they are always actively looking for ways to improve.Quality young players are definitely not available at the moment, so what’s wrong with buying quality players?They may not be the future, but a Europa League finish or a top four finish is not a problem.