Cangxi people shot Cangxi | Mr. Zhao Hongwen under the lens of pear snow

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Since ancient times, scholars love snow.People like to look for poetry in the snow: “thousands of trees pear blossom” is beautiful, “the past to snow flower” is romantic, “thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow floating” is bold, “heavy snow bow knife” is solemn and stirring, “snow embrace blue closed horse bog” is hard, “snow left horse travel” is don’t think……Snow in people’s eyes, or quiet, or nifty, or implicative, or violent, bring infinite joy and infinite reverie to the person.So, people in the snow, xing, write snow, xu snow, snow painting, snow shooting…Exhausted means to this winter elves and snow play snow perception retained for a long time.Therefore, there are many people who love snow.Love snow, naturally want to see snow.However, want to see a snow in Cangxi, it is a very rare thing.Investigate its reason, be “the north of the south, the south of the north” such special geographical position result in.Cangxi is located in the northern margin of Sichuan Basin and the southern foothills of Qinba Mountains. The climate in Cangxi is mild, subtropical monsoon climate, and the average annual temperature is 16.7℃.To see a decent snow scene in such a temperate county town, it only happens once in a decade.In fact, it snows almost every year in Cangxi.Mountain at an altitude of more than 600 meters, or sparse, or swirl, total want to float once or twice a year, but most of the time are fall to the ground and don’t like the north snow lu xun’s “after the fly, never such as powder, such as sand”, is to be framed hoary head, and even the world become vanity build by laying bricks or stones jade, it is really depends on the fate.On the night of February 4, a huge snowflake blossomed romantically in the bird’s nest. People suddenly found that snowflakes blended with national name, Chinese knot, olive branch and many other elements could unite people of different colors and beliefs in the world. The Beijing Winter Olympics that just opened is bound to stir up the snow and ice all over the world.Snow to spring, auspicious snow trillion bumper harvest.In this issue of “Cangxi people taking photos of Cangxi”, we specially compiled 50 photos of Cangxi snow scenes taken by Mr. Zhao Hongwen in recent years to send our best wishes for the New Year and wish the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success!”Yuntai fairy Mark mu Ruixue” 2018· Yuntai view “Red Army ancient crossing flying jade Butterfly” 2018· Red Army crossing “Suspected pear blossom last night” 2011· Pear Expo Garden “boundless Cangshan Li Snow” 2020· Sanxikou “Thousands of trees thousands of pear blossom” 2018· Yunfeng Town “thousands of pine luo Thousands of silver” 2020· Sanxikou “Ruixue Zhao Good harvest” 2011· Pear Expo Garden “CangshanFirst snow, 2020, Sanxikou, Riverside Scenery, 2018, Riverside Road, Six snow cage four wild, 2020, Sanxikou, Snow appreciation map, 2020, Sanxikou, Campus scenery, 2018, Colonel Cang, Snow play young again, 2020, Sanxikou, Snow Night, 2018, Binjiang Road, So wearing court tree flying flowers, 2018, Colonel Cang”Doutian Reservoir full of winter snow” 2011· Phoenix Mountain “poor winter scenery like spring” 2018· county “Auspicious snow to send blessings” 2018· county “Cherry blossom Lake thousand trees snow” 2020· Sanxikou “Suddenly like night spring breeze” 2018· county “snow boudoir” 2020· Sanxikou “Lakeside thousand trees pear old” 2020· Sanxikou “Iron tree spring Bloom ice flower”2018 yunfeng town “Kindergarten fairy Tale” 2018, the county seat “Spring Messenger” 2011 pear Expo park “quiet Stay” 2020, Sanxikou “Aizru” 2018, Binjiang Road “Old house dream” 2018, Yunfeng town “orange snow beauty” 2018, Yunfeng town “Snow baby” 2018, the county seat “continuous flying cuibai” 2018· Yunfeng Town “Jade Tree Qiongzhi” 2020· Sanxikou “Sit and watch ancient trees become Qiongzhi” 2018· Yunfeng Town “Pine Snow” 2022· Jiulongshan “Snow Country” 2020· Sanxikou “Flowers and clusters of flowers” 2018· County “Can if jade Ring gather Fat” 2011· Pear Expo Garden “A Curtain of winter Snow falls into a Dream” 2022· Jiulongshan “Red dress vegetable wrapped race enchanting”In 2020, Sanxikou “Picking Snow” in 2022, Jiulongshan “Just like snow everywhere silver” in 2011, Pear Expo Park “Snow And Ice Talent” in 2018, Wudang Mountain “You Snow all over the Sky” in 2018, Binjiang Road “Landscape beautifier” in 2020, Sanxikou “Flying snow into the sky flowers” in 2018, Red Army crossing “Jade Tree in Silver” in 2011, Pear Expo Park “Snow Trail and You”Zhao Hongwen, cangxi, retired teacher, member of Sichuan Province Photographers Association, chairman of Cangxi County Photographers Association.Source: Cangxi Cultural Travel Body