One child in my house, two children in my friend’s house, cleverly given New Year’s money, we happy New Year

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Every year around the Spring Festival a few days, can see mothers in order to give New Year’s money trouble, even some families have received relatives or friends to send New Year’s money.Looking at the hands of the New Year’s money, the children can be happy, but the mother’s heart pain, estimated only mother know.Xiao Li is my good friend, she talked with me yesterday, said that a classmate came to play at home, before leaving the children’s New Year’s money stuffed under the sofa.I say: “you this classmate good ah, still can give your child lucky money”.Small beautiful: “good what ah, I every year upside stick, let her not to give, she always toward this plug, toward that plug, return home to tell me”.I: “this have what trouble of, you pack back to her child to get”.Xiao Li: “somebody else two children, my family is only one, she pack 300, I am not to pack 600, mainly with her is not too good relationship, also at the end of the year to bring children to visit.”Originally, small beautiful was met not “fair” treatment, also can eat dumb loss, who let you give birth to a child.Xiao Li was I said so also to gas, she said, give birth to a child is wrong, I am vexed for this matter every year, not only is the classmate home two children, on my relatives home also a lot of families are two children, at the end of the year to earn the basic package New Year’s money.Every Chinese New Year, the most happy than the children, because they can play, can eat, there are a lot of New Year’s money, it is not too happy.But the child is happy, but the parents frowned up, if you are a two-child family that is good to say, if you only have one, over a year package out of the New Year’s money is a large number of pen.Abuti searched the Internet and found that in most regions, the New Year’s money started at 100, even in Guangdong, the money has been raised.Guangdong’s lucky money model is my favorite, it can be said that there is no pressure, the most close to 100, relatives of children to 20, neighbors and friends of children to 5-10, adults to the happy, children also receive happy.Abed is born early, every year is to let relatives give New Year’s money first, if to my child 100, the family only one child, I will give 200;The somebody else three children I a person give 80, how many stick a bit still want.I have one child in my home and two children in my friend’s home. How to give lucky money?Abed thinks that if the amount is relatively small, there is no need to care too much. For example, in Guangdong, it is 5-20 yuan. Even if they have three children, there is no pressure from us.If it is in other areas, some of the money is 300, then we can give 200 to each of his children, and we will pay 100.In fact, giving New Year’s money is also a knowledge, give more uncomfortable, give less and feel uncomfortable, only the two sides of the same number of children in the case of not so much trouble.Like the friend abed mentioned at the beginning, her family has one child and my family has two children. I told her early on that children’s New Year’s money should be given according to guangdong customs, and 5-20 yuan should be given freely.However, we are also relatively familiar with the relationship will say so, like some usually do not have much contact, but to the end of the year is particularly diligent that kind, don’t talk to her about what friend, classmate affection, give your child 500 New Year’s money, you generous, her two children, a person to 260 got.If it is a cousin, a cousin’s child, give your family 500, then we can give 300, more than 100 dollars is not so-called.Anyway, you don’t have to pay what others give. If you do, it is estimated that families with only one child will have the biggest expenditure on lucky money.Should all the lucky money be given to children?Some children feel that the money they receive is their own. If mom and dad don’t give it to them, they will be very angry and even refute that mom and dad took their own money.At this time as parents to explain to the child, others give you New Year’s money, mom and dad also want to give other people’s children New Year’s money, if the elders give New Year’s money, mom and dad also want to give a little “mind” to the old man, this mind is filial piety to the old man, give the old man red envelopes to buy their favorite food.However, there is no need to confiscate all the New Year’s money, as long as the large denomination of the collection, those 5-20 pieces can give their children to keep, no 5-20 pieces of words, can be appropriate to leave 100-300 children, mainly to see the age of the child.Abed’s eldest daughter is now in high school. Every year, I leave her 300 yuan as pocket money, while the youngest daughter gives less, only 100 yuan. She is very happy with the 100 yuan, because she can buy what she wants.New Year’s Day to give New Year’s money, some things to know in advance how many denominations of New Year’s money is also a little exquisite, itself is to figure a good luck, so some of the numbers we don’t like do not appear.For example: 250 and with four words, I don’t have to explain this, everyone understand.We give lucky money, which can be 6, 8 or round number.In addition, it is best to give children New Year’s money in front of adults to children, do not give privately, some children are very “smart”, others gave, he accepted, but do not tell their parents;Some children say the amount is less.In addition, when giving New Year’s money, don’t hear others say, don’t give it really don’t give it, they are polite, don’t take it seriously, it is difficult to be friends again.Finally, it is our traditional custom to give New Year’s money for Chinese New Year, mainly to make children happy, but no matter how many children in your family, relatives and friends, just to give a good idea, there is no need to compare, there is no need to give more that part and not happy, learn to skillfully give red envelopes, everyone is happy.Wen: Abed says parenting