Qingping: Waving “four brushes” to paint “Spring scenery of Agriculture, Rural areas and Farmers”

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The year 2022 is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress and a crucial year for implementing the 14th Five-Year Plan.A solid focus on agriculture, rural areas and farmers is of decisive significance to maintaining a stable and healthy economic environment and a peaceful and peaceful social environment, ensuring food security, promoting rural revitalization, and consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation.The fields of agriculture, rural areas and farmers involve a wide range of areas and are closely related to the vital interests of the masses.Party members and officials should closely follow the reality of their work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, show new energy, study new situations, and solve new problems, and vigorously improve their working skills on the front line of practice, so as to lead the people and help them.The first brush is a strong foundation.After winning the war against poverty in all respects, we also need to do everything possible to consolidate and expand the achievements achieved in poverty alleviation. This is the basic basis for implementing the rural vitalization strategy, and we must work hard to strengthen the foundation.We should continue to implement the “four not to be taken away” requirements for helping and supporting work, constantly consolidate the organizational foundation for preventing poverty return, and firmly defend the bottom line of preventing poverty return on a scale.We should implement the policy of industrial assistance, develop the collective economy at the village level, and continue to stimulate the endogenous impetus of the people who have been lifted out of poverty so as to increase the overall income level of farmers.The second brush is ecological.Clear waters and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver.A sound ecological environment is a pillar for high-quality development. Without this pillar, development will be low-level and unsustainable.We must firmly establish the concept of giving priority to ecology, always protect the ecological environment like protecting our eyes, and always adhere to the road of solid and green development, so as to build an ecological barrier, realize the coordinated development of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand with the environment, complement each other with agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and enable the people to further change their concept of development.The third brush is industrial development.Party members and officials should be determined to win the battle against poverty, follow up on changes in people’s income and the progress made in consolidating the policy of ensuring that people have access to basic social security, social security, and social security, and continue to work hard to expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and comprehensively promote rural revitalization.We need to work hard to develop industries, provide public services, raise incomes, and enhance the sense of gain of the people at the community level.We need to reinvigorate industries to promote the development of human resources, culture, the environment, and organizations so as to raise people’s happiness.The fourth “brush” is talent team construction.Talent is the primary resource and innovation the primary driving force.To do a good job in agriculture, rural areas and farmers, we must have a contingent of cadres who understand agriculture, love rural areas and farmers, and have strong skills.Local governments should step up efforts to train rural talents, pool their wisdom and resources, and build a broad stage for “local experts” and “Tian Xiucai” to display their talents.We need to stimulate the energy of agricultural scientists and scientists, solve the bottleneck problems of seeds and agricultural technology from the source, and upgrade and transform traditional agriculture into modern agriculture.A year’s plan begins in spring.Let us work together in the spring, waving the “four brushes”, struggling to draw the “three farmers” work beautiful “spring scenery”.Source: China Youth Online