The last dignity is to let go of love!

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Fang Yu sees Cloud for the first time, her look in the eyes is some desolate, she takes jealous to say to du Fei beside, no one has ever told me, she grows so good-looking!Du Fei is very natural back to a, you use toes to think, should also think she is a big beauty ah, otherwise how can you control it?Fang Yu is hao’s girlfriend, and can cloud is hao’s predecessor and first love, but this predecessor and first love, has gone crazy.Can cloud for erhao crazy, but cloud memories are fragmented, she has a beautiful face, will back ninety-nine multiplication table, recognize commander of the eagle, awake, she will take the rope to Li aide and Li Sister-in-law said, mom and dad, you tie me up!When she was not conscious, she ran in the streets, ran up to a high building and almost fell off. She saw a baby and snatched it away and said she had given birth.Luerhao, did he ever love Keyun?Maybe.Li Keyun is the daughter of his father aide-de-camp, grew up with his childhood friends, but there are no books to read, cloud he taught her, but cloud to work, he gave food to her, the period of time, but the cloud has become natural and graceful, so he took out the dog’s tail grass ring, one for you, give me a “, then there is the story of “firefly”.Luerhao, is he in love with Keyun?Don’t.But cloud’s mother Li SAO recalled, cloud can be pregnant, we went to him once, he hugged a good beautiful girl, did not look at the cloud, he walked over.But cloud in erhao, but also is a good beautiful girl grew up together, snow aunt told him to cloud back to Guangzhou to get married, he gave up, he did not give up to her.Fang Yu is different. Fang Yu once said to Yiping proudly that he had played life in Erhao, and he had prepared a case with me.So Li Keyun, she is a drop of water in the game of life.And treat Fang Yu, er hao he is serious.Li aide-de-camp is proud, took “commander adult” a business fee to leave lu home, cloud after giving birth to children, cloud can go crazy after…They did not think of the past and lu jia for a statement, even if cloud has many grievances, they would rather she lived in a half dream.Later, according to ping book huan, such as ping duffy, plus, hao Fang Yu “help can cloud find memories” began to awaken her action, it is designed to make can be restored to health of cloud, and Lu Erhao, in my opinion, is under the pressure of morality, in the face of dad zhen-hua lu rage, in the face of current girlfriend Fang Yu disappointed, and faced with cloud lost the child’s guilt…Cloud slowly wake up, know how, think of how, just her memories, stay in the six years ago.But after cloud is sober, kind-hearted Fang Yu is very sad all the time, feel oneself be like a third party;Lu Zhenhua is very happy, decided to “master” let erhao married can cloud;And Lu Erhao himself is embarrassed, eight years past he grew up mature, he likes the person is Fang Yu, in addition to beauty, she has a record of schooling temperament has self-cultivation, also has a rich family background.If the cloud can insist on, with commander Lu Zhenhua and Li adjutant’s friendship, with cloud ever had a child for lu, also with lu Zhenhua bone that point “you are willing to and Fang Yu sister commensurate, regardless of you and me?”Of the robber’s logic, he is perfectly capable of granting Corwin to Urhau.But cloud said a let Commander Lu, Lu Erhao and his parents are shocked, she said I am willing, I am willing, but if you and Fang Yu do not want to, I am willing to use a person, or let you and Fang Yu think about it.In fact, cloud is humble, she said to Fang Yu, Fang Yu, I just make sweaters for er Hao, do purse, do shoes, send rice, I dare not catch fireflies with him, please don’t drive me away!Don’t kick me out, will you?And kind-hearted Fang Yu also burst into tears to embrace her, you can catch fireflies with him, although you catch fireflies with him!I will not interfere with you, I will not drive you away!So cloud reached a conclusion, er Hao, Fang Yu promised, you can have six years ago, can also have now!Later the chaos of war happened, but cloud met a child, she gave that child named “rebirth”, that is, at that time but cloud understand, she and Er Hao have been two worlds of people.As she and er Hao Fang Yu said, er Hao and Fang Yu, is the real match true love of the people.It would have been a hopeless life not to wake herself from the loss from which so many had labored.Can the cloud really put down?Love is unbridled, and love is restrained, Er Hao is cloud’s first love, cloud can of course have concerns about him, but she also has their own last dignity, once so beautiful and good heart to love a Lu Erhao, free and easy, generous, is her last gentle.In fact, Lu Erhao is not worthy of the rebirth, the heart of love to the children of the war of Li Keyun, he also want to thank cloud perfect.How do you look at Li Keyun by Lu Erhao disappoint this paragraph?Feel bad for her?Does the Li Keyun that is awakened rebirth let a person admire?Is Fang Yu’s magnanimity touching?Leave a comment in the comments section.