This girl with angelic features and acne has turned off her face for a live broadcast

2022-06-11 0 By

The girl has the features of an angel, but a face like “wild boar skin” acne.More than 100,000 people today.The girl is called Bing Yu, boldly out of the camera live, turn off the beauty, restore a girl’s original skin, she is very confident, smile is from the heart.She even dared to post photos of her beautiful face, making people cry: Online dating is really not credible!Your online dating partner could be an old lady or a foot picker.Bing Yu is 18 years old, it is the girl’s hormone exuberant period, in fact, a little conditioning is good.One netizen joked that it would be nice to find a boyfriend.Do you believe this?A girl would be perfect if she didn’t have acne on her face.But as the old saying goes, “Beauty is not in skin but in bone”, Bingyu’s facial outline is quite beautiful, very good-looking when smiling, which is the beauty of the bone.Now a lot of people do micro adjustment is also to adjust the facial contour.