Chinese City Competition, Pictionary City series, The first issue on April 8, 2022

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Know our country development, the urban rise and fall, read through the ages, the big Chinese cities compete, everybody is good, here is the China city parade, recently we Chinese cities millions of new out look at the pictures guess activity, small make up lists ten cities today, where everyone is guess, the comments section to find the answer to the first, the entire province GDP ranked second, developed economy, beautiful city, has a long history,Difficulty coefficient of three stars in the second, the entire province GDP second, developed economy, is a very famous tourism city, three star third difficulty coefficient, the entire province GDP in the third, developed economy, has a long history, is a coastal city, and the difficulty coefficient of four stars the fourth, the entire province GDP fifth, used to be a big brother in the province, also is a former provincial capital,Has a very famous historical story, and the difficulty coefficient of five stars for the fifth, is a very beautiful city, there is a very famous figures in the history of born here, five star sixth difficulty coefficient, GDP ranked ninth in the province, the historical background is also very deep, or two provinces at the junction, difficulty coefficient of six stars, so, the six cities you guessed it again a few?Leave it in the comments section