Gymnastics queen Cheng Fei, 33, unmarried, was ridiculed and responded angrily: “I never feel I am a leftover woman.

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Olympic champion Cheng Fei is really in a difficult situation.Her father’s handwritten letters had been crumpled by her, but the words still stung.”We don’t want you to have much glory, just want you to do everything down-to-earth, now your mother and I are old, we hope to have a good son-in-law to you, so that you can live a happy life.”Looking at his father’s careful wording, Cheng Fei felt distressed, can look down at their nearly 200 catties of figure, and more agitated.Do not have much glory?But she has already won many world titles and honors.Do everything with your feet on the ground?With efforts to achieve associate professor position, the country opened many happy gymnastics training hall, this is not enough?Live a happy life?She now has her own career, her own hobbies, and just because she’s single does that mean she’s unhappy?Cheng Fei very much like a willful innocent child, a sentence against her father.If “33 years old unmarried”, “leftover woman”, “more than 200 jin fat woman” destined to become her body label, then cast with blood and tears “Olympic gold medalist”, “gymnastics queen”, “Cheng Fei jump” should not be forgotten!Those brilliance, also should belong to her, unique label.Cheng Fei race scene Cheng Fei’s memories were pulled back to childhood.There were no balala fairies, no Barbie dolls, no playthings. If she had a “toy,” it was a horizontal bar suspended from the beam, a balance beam made by simply drawing two lines on the floor with chalk.On the bar, hanging, jumping, cheng Fei is engraved in the bones of the movement memory, and practice when the sweat of the general, this memory is more sour taste.Because, for a young child, such rigid movement practice, is really too bitter.At the age of 5, Cheng Fei raised her forehead and asked her mother, “Mom, can we not do gymnastics?If you don’t want me to practice, I will study hard.”It was the only resistance Cheng could remember.Mother Xu Chunxiang only used a word to dispel the idea of Cheng Fei.”All of our family’s money is invested in you. If we can’t practice it, we’ll have nothing.”Five-year-old Cheng Fei still can not understand the concept of “nothing”, but her mother’s attitude of determination let her understand, want to not practice gymnastics, will provoke her mother angry, sensible of her, more want to mother happy.So when cheng fei’s mother was seven years old, when her father told her that she would have to leave her parents to practice gymnastics for the “provincial team” instead of staying at home, she silently agreed.The gymnastics team of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, for her father, is a new starting point for hard training, cheng Fei finally caught the last bus of professional training.But for young Cheng Fei, it is a long journey of 6 hours, water by boat, turn highway by car, if you want to parents, you can only hide in bed at night to cry.Adults think about success, but children think about home.When the parents worry that Cheng Fei can not suffer will be returned, the height of the girl only 1.13 meters, but really let the provincial team coach Zhao Hanhua feel surprised.That day, when she saw Cheng walking with a limp, a serious problem for professional athletes, she stopped her to ask about it and scolded her: “If you have an injury, you should report it!”But Cheng Fei said with an innocent expression, “I’m afraid if I do, you won’t let me practice.”There are many gymnastic children, who can bear hardships, but Coach Zhao Hanhua was moved by Cheng Fei’s innocent and timid eyes.She is young, pure and sincere, and can’t say any beautiful formulas. However, she supports the responsibility with her small body and carries out the mission of an athlete down-to-earth.Young Cheng Fei not long, Zhao Hanhua coach to the institute of physical education report, not only confirmed cheng Fei’s physical quality is a good seedling of gymnastics, more recognized cheng Fei’s state is worth the effort to cultivate, request to cheng Fei formal physical education institute students treatment.The institute approved the report, and 8-year-old Cheng became the youngest “secondary school student” at the institute, free of tuition fees and entitled to a living allowance.The excitement of that day, Cheng Fei always remembers.Into the provincial team, and then into the national team, for the country to win glory and gold medal, this is their athletes, every day need to hear the task.But the dream of winning the championship is so far away, as dreamy as reaching for the stars in the night sky, far less realistic than the 100 yuan subsidy.This means that she can save money for her family and help her parents reduce their burden. Cheng fei is rarely proud of being an athlete.The time of Cheng Fei’s training soon came to 2001. After more than two years of high-pressure training, Cheng Fei was selected to the national team.But this does not mean that Cheng fei’s life mode has entered “simple”. More complex challenges have made this girl, formerly known as “chatty”, quiet.Similar to the psychology of “closer to home, more timid”, Cheng fei knows that the more familiar an athlete is with his movements, the more afraid he will be of making mistakes. She knows better than anyone how many points he can win with each jump and how many points he will lose with each mistake.Because of this, the audience can enjoy the happiness of competitive sports more than the athletes, while the cruelty of competitive sports is more left to the athletes.But cheng Fei of small body also had a big heart rarely.With the help of the coach, Cheng Fei’s lower limb strength has been the greatest development, a real “secret weapon” is brewing.Training 2005, Melbourne World Championships, Cheng Fei jump, suddenly born!Cheng Fei became famous when she won the first gold medal in women’s vault in Chinese gymnastics history.In 2006, Cheng won three gold MEDALS at the World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark.In 2007, Cheng Fei won the gold medal of women’s vault at the World Gymnastics Championships in Stuttgart.Go to this step, Cheng Fei became a real sense of gymnastics empress.But what about after winning the championship?Cheng fei still remembers an interview many years ago, when she was naive and asked by a reporter, “Will you continue to practice after winning the championship?”Cheng Fei replied without hesitation: “Who will practice when the champion?”Naturally, the “unsportsmanlike” interview was roundly criticized.The memory of previous years is still in my mind, now Cheng Fei did go to win this step, but she did not in those days “fearless” and “free and easy heart”.This time she practiced harder than ever.Cheng Fei competition according to life such as play, all people love to see ordinary people on the brilliant counter-attack road, but rarely willing to see a hero said “I am tired, I can not”.What’s more, Cheng Fei’s honor is so great. Throughout the world, there are only a handful of athletes who can complete cheng Fei’s jump.How much honor, how much responsibility is bound to be.Cheng fei knows that only by continuing to practice and earning more honors can she live up to her expectations.But amid all the fame, we seem to forget that gymnastics queen Cheng Fei is only 19 years old.When the overwhelming honors and expectations as the tide swept in, no one noticed cheng Fei pressure has also reached the level of destruction.At the 2008 Olympic Games, cheng Fei, as the captain, led the Chinese women’s gymnastics team to win the first team gold medal in the History of Chinese women’s gymnastics.But her individual result was a bronze.With her first stroke at height, Cheng landed on the podium with almost half her foot on it, only to end up falling just short of the podium, staging a knee-deep regret.At that moment, Cheng knew that she probably had missed her best chance.That’s the real regret, the regret of an athlete who clearly sees the way forward.In 2009, Cheng Fei pulled out of the National Games due to injury.In 2012, just over a month before the Start of the London Olympics, Cheng suffered another injury in a training accident, tearing her Achilles tendon and leaving London in tears.There is no athlete who doesn’t want to win gold MEDALS, and there is no athlete who really competes with a normal heart.Standing on the Olympic Games, not only with four years to wait, but also to spend more than ten years of youth to endure hardship.The word “give up” is a total of 15 strokes, but cheng Fei said the moment, it took half a lifetime of courage.Cheng Fei accepted, “I am not abandoned by others, but abandoned by heaven.”Years of hard work only in exchange for a ticket to exit, accustomed to a highly tense life cheng Fei did not usher in the imagination of relaxation, instead of confusion and depression.Cheng fei chose to return to her hometown in Hubei province after a mistake in the competition. This time, her parents were no longer as aggressive as before. They welcomed a daughter who suffered a low ebb with open arms, just like all parents in the world.Many late nights, the past flashed through Cheng’s mind like a movie, leaving her in a trance, as if the next morning she had to attend an intense training session.But soon, this residual muscle memory is offset by the humbleness of life.When her parents repeatedly told her to eat more, she finally realized that Cheng Fei could no longer be an athlete. She could become an ordinary person who could live out her new style.Cheng Fei quickly got rid of the depressed state, actively into the new life track.After recovering from her Achilles tendon, Cheng officially announced her retirement and went to work as an assistant coach of the national team.Some people say that athletes can do nothing too bad after retirement, because the gene of willing to fight, willing to work hard and unyielding has long been engraved in their blood.Facing the podium of three feet, Cheng Fei although nervous, but is determined to make ability worthy of this position.In her spare time, Cheng fei can always be seen shuttling around the library in small slippers, shorts and a hat with ears.The basic skills are not her problem, but to be a teacher, she needs to have the complete support of the theoretical system. In order to become a real teacher, Cheng Fei keeps learning and supplementing what she doesn’t know.Life finally slowly onto the right track, but never thought, fate still want to give this little girl to continue to open a little “joke”.Bid farewell to the “training”, “champion”, “win glory” these troubles, more life, concrete “urge weight loss”, “urge marriage” has become a new life problem.Even more depressing is that cheng Fei, after retirement, just like bread blowing the same expansion.Fat Cheng Fei has that malicious people presume cheng Fei is not conniving, hu eat haisai caused.Or no sense of the netizen also began to make sarcastic remarks, words inside and outside the meaning is that Although Cheng Fei is a champion, but such a fat figure certainly can not find a good partner.Even Cheng fei’s parents began to feel anxious about their daughter’s figure. In order to help her lose weight, Cheng Fei’s mother always urged her to go downstairs for a brisk walk and jog after dinner.This makes Cheng Fei feel embarrassed and stressed, but she is no longer that little girl, will only be wronged to her mother to beg for mercy.This time, she calmly told her parents, “I really can’t run anymore. I’m already an old man.”Since her retirement, Cheng has been taking medication to reduce the pain caused by her injuries.Broke away from the country to professional gymnastics training and strict diet control, weight is not ordinary people say control can control.In the face of those malicious evaluation and speculation, Cheng fei no longer felt pressure, and even faced the reporter’s slightly tricky questions: “Have you ever thought about losing weight?Are you worried about finding someone in the future?”Cheng Fei can also show a high level of accomplishment and standards.With a small round face, she politely replied: “Unlike competitive sports, fate will happen when the time comes.”Cheng Fei interview words say so, Cheng Fei does so.Why women must have a happy marriage and two children to be happy?Why must want devil figure, angelic face ability to be able to get a favour?Cheng Fei has far bigger dreams than love and marriage.Recalling her own childhood experience, Cheng wanted to do more for children studying gymnastics.Something a little different.She tried to talk the children out of gymnastics.In her limited childhood memories, competitive sports are always associated with boring and cruel training, lifelong pain and frustration with failure.At that time, she was passive to bear all this.Because of her parents’ expectation, because of the responsibility of athletes, because of the honor of the motherland, these are invisible forces, which inspired her to devote herself to fight.When Cheng Fei retired from her training, she realized that if she knew the core of competitive sports earlier and had more active love for them, would competitive sports also be able to send out more dream power?This regret, has troubled Cheng Fei for many years.Even if she had achieved the glory of “Cheng Fei jump”, even if she had held a gold cup to enjoy the applause, but in the end, she fought because of responsibility, or because of the love of hard work, even she could not tell.24 years of youth, she did always put in, return with honor.But in the future, bid farewell to the less than 100 level arena, she hopes to have more time to move to a broader theater of life.Thinking of this, Cheng Fei could not hold back any longer.During training, coaches and parents often joke that “facing Cheng Fei is like squeezing toothpaste. Only when we give her a little pressure can she perform better.”But at this moment, without any external pressure intervention, Cheng Fei from the heart of hope for sports inserted a pair of happy wings.”Happy gymnastics” project in cheng Fei’s efforts, finally take shape.Cheng Fei’s happy gymnastics club Cheng Fei started from Wuhan city, recruited a group of 3 to 10 years old children, using the weekend classes, the cost is extremely low, from the most basic gymnastics movements start to speak.She hopes that, without setting the threshold, without setting rewards and punishments, just want to let more children know gymnastics, love gymnastics, can realize the cruel competition behind the spirit of sports, more comfortable and leisurely enjoy the health and confidence brought by sports.Did her efforts work?Time is telling.The wonderful Japanese Olympic Games has not been wiped flat time, such as full red Chan, Guan Chenchen these young athletes of the face is no longer only nervous this expression.Full red chan can look up smiling face said: “with who the game is the same, no matter how, is to jump yourself, want to good each action, each action jump good.”Quan Hong Chan interview and Guan Chenchen in the end of the game, will also release a kangaroo shake cute dance video on social media.Competitive sports for them, more free and easy and calm.Now, the Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing.Returning talents like Gu Ailing also show us another charm of competitive sports.That is the strength of confidence, not afraid to lose.Admittedly, it is hard for the older generation to change their ideas. Until now, Cheng Fei’s friends and relatives still worry about her lifelong events as always.But as Cheng said, “I believe in fate. My life is a wonderful journey. I never think of myself as a leftover woman.”Yes, the labels “leftover man” and “leftover woman” themselves should not be attached to any man or woman.No human being should be left behind.With the large-scale development of happy gymnastics, cheng Fei, who is watching the competition on the screen, also has new expectations.She hopes that after a few years, there will be more young girls with happy faces, holding a gold cup loudly declared to the world: “Because of the enlightenment of happy gymnastics, because of cheng Fei’s efforts, I can really enjoy the wonderful competition brought by competitive sports, engaged in gymnastics, I really feel happy.”By that time, Cheng Fei will definitely tear down the label of “unmarried older people” and refute those unfounded “leftover women theory” with her strong heart.And we also believe that this day, will not be far away.