Longju Community in Hesuo County held a Spring Festival get-together

2022-06-12 0 By

(Meldon Heny, media reporter, correspondent, Gasol Skinner) As time flies, the wheel of time has left a deep impression, accompanied by the warm sunshine in winter, full of joy.With the 2022 Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger just around the corner, longju Community in Hesuo County recently held a get-together to celebrate the New Year.The party began with a group dance called “Chinese Style”.Guzheng playing “Sing a folk song to the Party” melodious melody, played out the love of the Communist Party of China;Singing and dancing, fast and slow, rigid and soft “Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan” shows the area of the elderly people energetic, healthy and upward spiritual outlook.Poetry recitation “Chinese Language”, solo dance performance “Sing Folk songs to the Party again” and other performances have been staged.The scene atmosphere is hot, continuous warm applause and laughter, everyone with full enthusiasm to express the love of art, but also showed the community is vigorous, positive spirit.The party has been unanimously praised, we have all expressed wishes that our great motherland is thriving and prosperous!Huang Jingwen, junior high school student of Hesuo County High School, said, “On the occasion of the New Year, my friends and I performed a guzheng performance singing a folk song to the Party in Longju community.We just want to take this opportunity to show our blessings to the motherland, wish our motherland better and better in the future, wish the people of the county a happy New Year.”In order to welcome the New Year of the Tiger, the Longju community work team held this New Year’s sodality through the people’s big stage, so that residents of all ethnic groups can show their elegant manners and show their most beautiful smiles here. Let’s welcome the New Year with joy.”State Administration of Taxation and Master County tax bureau in Master County Tewulik Town longju community first secretary, team leader Wang Haiyan said.The party created a festive atmosphere, enhanced the communication and friendship between residents, and narrowed the distance between the community and residents.In the New Year, the Longju Community Party branch of Hesuo County will continue to take the party building as the guide, as always, to do a good job, do all the work, actively enrich the district residents amateur cultural life, forward towards a higher goal.