Lv Bu double happiness, 6 fold doomsday mecha access to exposure, Arthur, Irene players laughed

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Coke with ice, Qiaomei in your heart, hello everyone, I am little Qiaomei, every day for you to share interesting king of Glory new skin, new version, the latest strategy and other articles.King of Glory S27 season order limit skin has been exposed, Lv Bu — doomsday skin is about to optimize online, but also got the S27 season order star skin “blue machine”.In addition, Lu bu’s Doomsday skin can be 30% off, Irene and Arthur have good news.In the S27 season, the skin limit of battle order is Ming Shiyin, Minston-magic, Bai Qi, Night City Monster, and the skin of level 60 battle order treasure chest includes Miyamoto Musashi, Ghost Sword Musashi, Cao Cao, Super Men, Sun Lie, tough force, etc., among which ghost sword Musashi will be optimized later, choose this skin is the most cost effective.In addition, Lu Bu – Doomsday mecha will usher in S27 season’s battle order limited star element skin “blue mecha”, this star element skin is blue, white color, skill special effects or very handsome.Moreover, Lu Bu this blue machine armor star skin than the original doom machine armor skin handsome.Lv Bu’s doomsday mecha has been optimized, optimization results have been exposed, doomsday mecha is optimized the fastest progress of the skin, should be because of this war star yuan skin to go online, just optimized so fast.Mechades should be optimized for launch after the new season, there will be a discount, only 710 coupons.However, if you don’t have lu Bu – The doomsday skin, you can wait to get it, so there is a way to get it with a 60% discount.Honor of Kings already has a birthday bonus, which allows you to buy any type of skin sold directly on your birthday for 60% off, and you can change your birthday once a year.Therefore, players who prefer lu-Bu-Doomsday skin or blue Mecha-star skin can change their birthday to a later date so that they can get lu-Bu-Doomsday skin with only 532 points, and then 388 points to get blue Mecha-star skin.In addition, there will be a lot of new skin on the line, Irene is about to welcome a new skin named “Adventure dance chapter”, this skin resources have been released in advance of king of Glory experience.However, the current erin heat is not high, so the skin should not be of high quality.In addition, Erin’s specialized gear is currently being tested on the experience server and will be available after the new season update.Irene’s specialized equipment is very powerful, not only can increase her crit rate and attack speed, but also can directly reduce the general attack interval, which is not affected by attack speed threshold.In addition to Irene, Arthur is also about to get a new skin, and it is a new legendary skin, is very exciting.In addition, there will probably be an encore for subsequent seasons, and Arthur-Lionheart, as the first season skin, will definitely be the first to return.Qiao Mei say war S27 season to reward the exposure, lyu3 bu4 – the end of the mecha to optimize online, but will also usher in blue mecha star yuan skin, can modify the birthday 6 fold of the end of the mecha skin, Irene’s specialization equipment soon, will also usher in adventure skin dance chapter, Arthur will also usher in a new legend, king lion heart also is expected to be back.