Only one night!The Lakers fall out of the playoffs, two stars are out for the season, and rookie rankings are updated

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The NBA announced the latest issue of the rookie rankings, knight mobley, piston Cunningham and raptors Barnes still ranks the first three, but mobley a sprained left ankle and will miss the knight in the next three games, the final ranking may have great influence, it seems the suspense of the best young player of the season to give to the last game, played to a final verdict.The Cavs took a 67-61 halftime lead behind Le Velle, who had 21 points, three rebounds and two assists on 8-of-12 shooting, and Garland, who added 12 points and six assists, as the Cavaliers battled to regain a spot in the eastern Conference’s top six.The rockets’ no. 2 pick, Jaylen Green, has recently made good on his talent and moved up to no. 4 on the rookie list, while The league’s no-defense, ball-handling and no-ball stars are all paper tigers, according to Ziyu.Rockets at home against the king, because of a hamstring injury, Eric Gordon wood a groin strain, schroders shoulder injury, will be absent from all the rest of the season, the rockets might have played by three players in this rocket the final game of his career, in the eyes of rockets fans, redevelopment will be a little bit completely, want to cultivate jay – green as the core,Not only Wood had to go, but also Potter and Tate.Were injured in the game against the timberwolves the celtics center of Robert Williams has successfully received the knee meniscus repair surgery, is expected to return after four to six weeks, the playoff time schedule according to the alliance, the celtics if the first round of the playoffs is not to be eliminated, will welcome back a big probability inside man.According to coach Uduka, Robert Williams will be running tomorrow. To keep him fit, the team’s goal is to have him practice every other day. Oh, my God, he’s coming off knee surgery.Lack of main center of the Boston celtics vs east rival heat, half home-country crowd, temporarily to 52-53 1 points behind, jay – the game hot brown, scored 11 points, after the opening half had 16 points and four rebounds, three assists, tatooine, had 11 points, the heat is clicked, half butler got 11 points, Mr Hiro 10 points,Adebayor scored seven points, While David Struth scored nine and Kyle Lowry eight.Although Knicks coach Thibodeau said he loves every player when asked if Randle will leave the team this offseason, this kind of question is similar to “customers ask farmers: Are the vegetables fresh today?The farmer replied, “They are all fresh!”It makes no difference.According to the New York post reporter behrman, Randall made many recent move, go against the solidarity of the team, for example, after victory over the New Orleans hornets and the bulls have no choice and teammates celebrate together, quietly walked back to the locker room, along with the team staff, do not participate in the team’s starting before the introduction, outside to warm up alone, alone and away from the other players in the dressing room to change clothes,Randle’s actions have been interpreted in the U.S. media as an attempt to force him to be traded, just like Harden.However Randal ball hit dish, temper is poor, son Yu really can’t think of which team will get such a cancer player through trade.The knicks in the home game against the hornets, half 55-58 temporarily, 6 of 11 shots, Barrett half scored 18 points, rebounds and assists 1 2 steals, rich, and with Randall 13 points and eight points respectively, guard, ‘your half and 10 rebounds, salute this performance is in less ah, the hornets side Mr. Half had 13 points,Bridges and lamelo Ball also scored 11 points each.After the loss to the lone ranger, the lakers have fell on the 11th in the west and according to the official, James has returned to Los Angeles, on his left ankle injury for further evaluation and treatment, will definitely miss the away game against the jazz, check rania is famous journalist, said the lakers are not going to let heavy eyebrows risk return this season, many news comprehensively,Unless the Spurs don’t want to push for a playoff spot, the lakers’ schedule will make it difficult to even get a playoff ticket.The spurs bad along while showed 30 games can also for the playoffs, and now is too high to the requirement of bad team, the lakers are bent on top, dozen dozen they became bad, and the most depressing is that next season the first round of the pelican sign in hand, bad for others to be forgotten, this is probably a lot of lakers fans didn’t think of before the start of the season.Ziyu for the lakers this season’s problems made the following summary: First, The long time in the injury state, affecting the team’s record.Secondly, quality defensive players Pope and Kuzma were traded, westbrook was added, Caruso was released for nothing, and Tucker was re-signed for a high salary.Third, James has become more defensively ineffective with age.Fourth, coach Vogel on the spot strain capacity is too poor, often lead after still offering five small lineup was overturned opponents.Fifth, the lakers’ management has done a poor job of signing more than a dozen small guards who can’t attack or defend.That’s all for today’s NBA news. 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