Power and The Throne: A New History of the Middle Ages

2022-06-12 0 By

There are so many history books about the Middle Ages that it’s a great thing to come up with something new.What is new?Dan, British historianDan Jones has made a beneficial attempt, focusing on the reference and significance to the current society. It is difficult to bring forth new ideas in terms of what, while there is much to be done in terms of why.In this new edition, the author takes advantage of the latest findings and adds the influence of climate, technology, viruses and human culture on medieval history. It is easy to think of the present.Medieval 1000 time span is not dark, also not so light, feel is with characteristic of their development and evolution of building a basic legal framework, the European social order from spirit to secular Christian of the social governance mechanism and moral civilization evolution, people from ignorance to the awakening process of the middle ages,Martin Luther stood up and told the priests that everything was inevitable by chance, that the tide of history was unstoppable.Thanks to the author, we have a multi-perspective understanding of the Middle Ages and an important reference on how to read history in the present.