Kejie has turned on the Rampage!Fly and Fatty hit the top 10 in a week, while ES was not on the list

2022-06-13 0 By

In King of Glory, KPL is also in full swing recently, but because of the matches, many players don’t have time to play peak match, and even if they do, they can only play for a short time.However, when Kejie opened the top 10 list recently, Wolf Team Fly and Xiao Pang ranked in the top 10, while the team ES, the current target of Wolf team, did not make the list., of course, many fans also noticed the Fly, Fly recently for a long time also have no, is to play for, but there are players recently discovered actually Fly in silently blunt points, in his counterpoint technique exercise, also with peak, take time to play against wolves small fat, become two wolves into the top ten players before the game, the strength is also undoubtedly., however, there will be flowers dozen top teams ES ever morally, but also recently didn’t see the flowers at the top of figure, too much before ten places have no ES, mostly K armor, and the second team of professional talents, however, comparing to the Fly to their peak and reached the top 10, is also proved that KPL hard power is passed as a professional player.However, due to the limitation of game time, Xiao Pang could reach the top 10 in the summit game even though he didn’t have much time to play. It can only be said that talent is really important, no matter for the Wolves team or the future KPL, Xiao Pang is undoubtedly still one of the most popular wild players.We just don’t know if Fly will be able to accompany Him to KPL at that time.But jay is always wanted a peak first, but also can see, this professional players occupying the list, it is extremely difficult to want to push into the top ten, and some professional players for the peak concentration is high, is a former cross, is now a dream haze, demon knife, flowers, jiang these players are very attached to the top, so can jie or difficult to play the first peak.So, but jie was later only the pursuit of a wild, but found that north longed for has two 2 w3 capabilities as a hero, but jay distress situation now is to put the tiger rushed to two w3, if this version could not hit, after some difficult also to estimate, because now the tiger is easy to go to war, after the tiger don’t adapt to the version, and difficult.Personal opinion;Wolves Fly can take time to play the top still make many players more surprising, after all, the peak of the now is the host and the other two teams or substitute for professionals, but Fly with their understanding of the wide, reached the peak before ten, is knocked down, I don’t know wolves and ES next game,Who can win the game.