Suqian braces for New Year’s Big test by building epidemic prevention and control barrier

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Suqian network news (reporter Zhang Yun) “a year will do night, thousands of miles did not return.”The Spring Festival is approaching, and the Spring Festival travel rush is under way. People are moving more and the risk of spreading infectious diseases is also increasing. The “big test” of epidemic prevention and control is coming at the end of the year.At present, the global COVID-19 pandemic is still in the continuous development stage, and the local epidemic is spreading in many places. Suqian continues to face the dual risks of imported infectious sources from abroad and returnees from key areas. The pressure, difficulty and challenges of epidemic prevention and control are unprecedented.Compacted shoulder responsibility, facing the end of the year “big examination”!At present, the whole city is actively checking and filling gaps in accordance with the important instructions and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping on epidemic prevention and control, and is committed to the prevention and control of the epidemic as a “national priority” with unswerving determination and perseverance, striving to provide strong support for the overall development of the whole country and the province.”Before I returned to Suqian, I learned about the epidemic prevention and control policies of Suqian from the Internet, so I called my community to report the situation as soon as I returned to Suqian from Shenzhen, and also received a reminder call from fukang Road Police Station of Sucheng Public Security Sub-bureau.These days, I am required to take nucleic acid tests at designated locations and report my health monitoring results to community workers every day.””It’s a responsibility to ourselves, but also to society and others,” said Mr. Zhou, a resident of The Haitian Jade City community in Sucheng District.Suqian has always been in accordance with the general strategy of “preventing input from outside, preventing rebound from inside” and the general policy of “dynamic zero clearance” to manage key groups accurately, and continue to make good use of the experience of “big data + grid + iron foot” to guard the bottom line of “with input and no risk”.On January 12 and 14, Suqian issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic during the Current and Spring Festival Period (No. 1) and the Notice on Further Strengthening the Health management of People staying and Returning during the Spring Festival Period (No. 2).On January 16, Suqian also released the telephone number for on-duty epidemic prevention and control and the telephone number of medical institutions for 24-hour nucleic acid testing and sampling, so as to ensure that citizens in need can call the telephone number for on-duty epidemic prevention and control policies and requirements, timely and actively choose the nearest test site for nucleic acid testing, and do a good job of self-health monitoring.”We will step up inspection and supervision, and punish venues that fail to implement epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with regulations.”According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal public security Bureau’s public security detachment, in recent days, the city’s public security organs at all levels jointly with relevant departments on the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures in key places to carry out on-site inspection, monitoring and reverse inspection, failing to implement the epidemic prevention and control measures according to the provisions of the site, punishment.So far, nearly 200 establishments have been punished.In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic in key areas and links, Suqian has recently continued to strengthen the prevention and control of shopping malls, scenic spots, cinemas and other crowded places, urging management bodies to standardize the implementation of reservation registration, temperature and code checking, ventilation and disinfection measures.On the morning of January 22, the Municipal Health Commission held a training course on COVID-19 and infection prevention and control in medical institutions at the First People’s Hospital of Suqian. The training was conducted online and offline, and nearly 300 medical workers and hospital infection management personnel attended the training.The participants said that the training made them fully aware of the risks and challenges facing the current nosocomial infection management, and they would enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, face the existing problems and deficiencies, strengthen risk prevention, and ensure medical safety.For the prevention and control of nosocomial infections, Suqian not only strengthened training, but also implemented strict entrance management, pre-examination and triage, closed-loop management of fever clinic, hospital zoning management and accompanying visits, etc., to prevent nosocomial cross infection.The year of “iron wall” of epidemic prevention and control is the hope of reunion, but in the face of the severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, safety is the consensus and concern of all.On January 17, Suqian issued a warning: during the Spring Festival, people must not go abroad, do not go to medium-high risk areas, reduce cross-provincial and cross-regional mobility, which has won the understanding and support of the general public.Tighten up, tighten up, tighten up!Over the past few days, Suqian has firmly implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures to every post, every link and every head, and woven a tighter, tighter and stronger epidemic prevention and control network.According to the relevant requirements of the CPC Provincial Committee and the provincial government, Suqian city adjusted and optimized the COVID-19 prevention and control leadership and command system. Under the leading group, a joint prevention and control headquarters was set up, with 10 teams in one office and 10 special teams for emergency response, establishing a working mechanism for emergency response.Local governments and relevant departments have also made rapid adjustments in accordance with the requirements, further improving the efficient operation of the epidemic prevention and control command system, ensuring coordination between the top and bottom, left and right, and effective implementation.Major leaders at all levels personally dispatched and commanded from the front, tightened the “four-party responsibility”, promoted the detailed implementation of the “joint prevention and control, mass prevention and control” working mechanism, and built a tight defense line and an iron wall for epidemic prevention and control.”We were very touched to see Party members, community workers and volunteers shuttling through the community to spread knowledge and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.”Suqian open area three tree street three tree new city residents yan Huaizhi said.Recently, Sankeshu Sub-district dispatched special personnel from various departments and communities to work in a centralized manner to arrange epidemic prevention and control work, simplify work procedures and improve work efficiency.As a community unit, Sankeshu Street also uses big data investigation and door-to-door investigation to find out the basic situation of personnel in the area and continuously strengthen the control of external personnel.Strong-built prevention and control network is the key of the epidemic prevention and control at the grass-roots level, suqian adhere to grab from fountainhead, start from the grid, to perfect the system of community, the schiscosomiasis epidemic prevention and control work, to carry out the network management comprehensive prevention and control measures, compaction within the community (village) unit and normalized prevention and control of business premises liability, accomplish mission, check, control, supervision, love, “five reachs the designated position”,We must ensure that no blind spot is left in any place, and that no link is left to make mistakes. We must strengthen the defense at the source of epidemic prevention and control.Vaccination is an effective way to prevent COVID-19. Up to now, Suqian has received more than 10 million doses of vaccination, with the vaccination rate ranking first in the province, among which the cumulative first dose vaccination rate of people over 60 years old ranks first in the province.At present, Suqian is vigorously promoting the vaccination of people aged from 3 to 11 years old and key groups over 60 years old according to the requirements of “pick up, pick up and pick up”.Recently, Suqian’s first imported cold chain food centralized supervision warehouse in Shuyang County Bridge cold chain logistics market official operation.At present, all imported cold-chain food stored, sold and processed in Suqian district must first enter centralized supervision warehouses, undergo nucleic acid testing and comprehensive disinfection, and obtain a warehouse exit certificate before entering the market circulation.As of January 20, a total of 5,206 batches of goods, 10,062,825 tons, have entered the warehouse, and 19,677 samples of 5,206 batches have been tested, all of which have negative nucleic acid test results.Centralized supervision of imported cold chain food, accurate “identification” of imported cold chain food whether there is the risk of epidemic transmission, not only to protect the needs of the masses, but also let the masses eat at ease.The second Plenary Session of the sixth CPC Municipal Committee made specific arrangements and arrangements for various targets and tasks this year, saying that epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development must focus on both sides.At present, Suqian adheres to scientific and precise prevention and control, adjusts and optimizes prevention and control ideas, methods and measures according to the situation, finds the right balance and combination point between epidemic prevention and control and economic development, and does all it can to ensure “six stable” and “six guarantees”.In order to encourage non-local employees to stay in Shuyang County during the Spring Festival, shuyang County will carry out the “five gifts” activity, namely, providing subsidies, health, warmth, convenience and security for employees.Suqian Economic development Zone provides subsidies to enterprises that arrange workers from outside the city to stay for holidays, and requires relevant departments to go deep into the enterprises in accordance with their own responsibilities to help enterprises solve problems and promote the healthy and stable development of enterprises.Hubin New District of the city to arrange employees outside the city to stay for holidays to give subsidies to enterprises, industrial enterprises rented state-owned (collective) asset class blue-collar apartment for the accommodation of non-local employees, reduced one month rent….In response to the risks of the spread of the epidemic in China, such as the restriction of return trips and disruption of the industrial and supply chains, local governments and relevant departments have issued opinions, encouraging enterprises to keep employees on the basis of their posts and salaries, guiding employees to spend the Spring Festival in their own place, minimizing the risk of the spread of the epidemic caused by the movement of people, and ensuring stable production and operation of enterprises.”Please wear masks, show your Sukang code and take your temperature.”People walk through the north gate of xinyuan Vegetable Market in downtown Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 25, 2019.”As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the number of people buying vegetables has obviously increased recently, but we have stocked some vegetables in advance to fully meet the needs of citizens.”New garden vegetable farm operator Liu said.At present, the city’s agricultural and sideline products and grain and oil market prices are stable, suqian wholesale market for agricultural products and major supermarkets, vegetable market supply sufficient.In order to ensure the production and life of the masses, market supervision departments at all levels in the city will pay close attention to price changes of daily necessities to ensure sufficient supply, abundant products and stable prices in the festival market.