The Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation visited the disabled before the Spring Festival

2022-06-13 0 By

In order to let the disabled people warm for the winter, a joy, peace and happiness of Spring Festival, recently, the city of disabled persons’ federation, chairman of the party secretary jodi, Hu Guangrong, vice President of party members, yong-fang wang, Wu Gang successively in districts and counties to carry out the first visits condolences to work for the disabled, send solatium and New Year blessing to difficulties of persons with disabilities.During the visit, Zhou Di and his delegation inquired about the physical condition, production and life of the disabled people in detail, listened to the voices of the disabled, encouraged them to build up confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement, bravely overcome difficulties and setbacks, and face life with a positive and optimistic attitude.At the same time, it urged the staff of the local DISABLED persons’ Federation to take the initiative, actively do practical things and solve problems for the disabled, strictly implement various policies to help and benefit the disabled, and carry out various services to improve the disabled people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.A total of 36,700 yuan was sent to 89 poor disabled families before the festival, which effectively enhanced the feelings between cadres and the masses and created a warm and comfortable festival atmosphere, allowing disabled people to feel deep warmth in the cold winter.(Tian Mengshi)