Focus on and focus on the transformation and upgrading of Marine economy

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After the “national brand” ocean comprehensive test site is settled, the remote sea area is implementing one by one “heavyweight” scientific research experiment in turn.This old fishing base has been transformed into the far shallow Sea Science and Technology Bay Area, the northern part of Weihai International Marine Science and Technology City, which is like the “cradle of innovation” for the transformation and upgrading of the city’s Marine economy.The rapid rise of Weihai International Ocean Science and Technology City “day by day” is a vivid footnote to the city’s high attention and efforts to solve the problems of Marine economic transformation and upgrading.Over the past year, 35 projects have been completed and put into operation in Weihai International Ocean Science and Technology City, 30 Marine innovation projects have received 177 million yuan of national funds, 5 new national specialized “little Giants” and 11 provincial specialized new enterprises have been added in the field of Marine science and technology.Remarkable achievements have been made in the transformation and upgrading of the Marine economy.In November last year, the city recalibrated the “roadmap” for Marine economic transformation and upgrading. Weihai Strong Ocean City Construction Work Conference emphasized that the city should continue to strengthen the five directions of “using the sea scientifically, invigorating the sea with science and technology, strengthening the sea with industry, protecting the sea with ecology and opening the sea with vitality”, and adhere to consolidating advantages and innovating development.We will make greater efforts to explore new industries, new forms of business, new technologies and new models in terms of ideas, methods, systems and mechanisms, scientific and technological innovation, industrial cultivation, technological means and talent introduction.The city has strengthened the five directions of “using the sea scientifically, invigorating the sea with science and technology, strengthening the sea with industry, protecting the sea with ecology, and opening the sea to life”. It has paid equal attention to consolidating advantages and innovative development, and achieved remarkable achievements in innovative development of Marine economy transformation.In September 2021, witnessed by experts such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first national comprehensive Marine Experimental site jointly built by provinces and departments in China was settled in Weihai.Two months later, the “heavyweight” guests once again witnessed the opening of the first phase of the yuanyao Shallow Sea Technology Bay Area.Weihai International Ocean Science and Technology City thus opens a new chapter of Marine and land infrastructure and industrial development and ecological construction.Innovation is the primary driving force for development and the transformation and upgrading of the Marine economy.Tackling innovation this “gap”, the city from the top of the Marine economic transformation and upgrading of design from the whole domain layout: – in accordance with the “three nuclear, science and technology lead, a city more area layout, chain, bar linkage, global coverage” mentality, zhuhai international ocean city science and technology, global construction linkage on space layout is reasonable, the industry chain, the new pattern of global integration development;– Weihai Strong Ocean City Construction Work Conference pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the equal emphasis on leading and coordinated development, give full play to the leading role of international Ocean Science and Technology City, integrate talents, funds, policies and other resources, and drive the city’s Marine industry transformation breakthrough;– According to the newly issued second round of the Three-year Action Plan for the Construction of a Strong Ocean City, Zhuhai will launch five major actions of “industrial breakthrough, scientific and technological leadership, ecological improvement, opening-up and linkage, and safety and capital consolidation”, focusing on the deployment of 16 characteristic parks, 39 innovation platforms and 93 industrial projects.In the overall framework of “innovation” construction, weihai International Ocean Science and Technology City plays a leading role.In the New Year’s Day holiday of 2021, the international Ocean Science and Technology City construction Promotion Special class has determined 22 major issues at the first time.Now, the science and Technology City has made a brilliant report card — now the remote shallow sea science and technology Bay area is overflowing with innovation.A buoy named White Dragon is seen at the National Oceanographic Proving Ground.Its mission is to conduct a three-month experiment for major science and technology projects in Shandong Province.The Onshore Laser Communications Advanced Technology Research Institute is already in operation.Not only the northern plate accelerated the breakthrough, the eastern plate haigao Park new innovation center, entrepreneurship service center, incubation center and Dreamworks and other core platform carriers.The only academician workstation on Marine ecology and economy in China — Jiao Nianzhi workstation and the Marine Negative Emission Research Center located in the southern plate are under construction.From “one blueprint” to “Blue Silicon Valley”, weihai International Ocean Science and Technology City has taken shape and gained momentum after one year of comprehensive promotion, attracting 15 high-level ocean innovation platforms to be settled, establishing industry-university-research cooperation with more than 60 universities and institutes, and landing and signing 33 key projects in total.In the next three years, an international ocean Science and Technology City of higher standards will promote the city’s ocean science and technology strength and innovation ability to jump significantly.Keep advantage: focus on building the modern Marine industry system on December 16, last year the 1st Marine field robotics and automation equipment scientific research achievements trade fair shows the underwater robot, kelp knot machine such as 56 units (sets) technology, new products each technical precision cracked industry challenges, this is also a zhuhai ocean industry intelligent transformation of the real “report card”.The shortcomings of extensive development and low added value industries are the key problems to be solved in the construction of modern Marine industry system.The symposium on the high-quality development of Marine fishery and Marine food industry in The whole city pointed out that industrial transformation and upgrading should be accelerated, and the double-cycle development pattern should be actively integrated to achieve the high-quality development of Marine fishery and Marine food industry.Weihai Strong Ocean City Construction work conference once again emphasized that we should focus on building modern advantageous Marine industry, adhere to cluster development, brand promotion, park support, and build modern advantageous Marine industry highland.On November 13, 2021, Professor Bao Zhenmin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, dean of The College of Marine Life, Ocean University of China, made a special trip to Weiwei to discuss the new direction of high-quality development of Marine seed industry.At present, the city cultivates 44 billion units of seedlings annually, and the coverage rate of mariculture has reached more than 70%, ranking in the forefront of the province and the country.Since 2021, the city has promoted the agglomeration of seed industry enterprises, the upgrading of breeding equipment, and the expansion of ocean space, focusing on the implementation of the “Double Plan” of Marine seed industry, the “Deep Blue Action” of mariculture, and the “Ten-billion project” of ocean fishery, to accelerate the building of a new model of modern fishery.Not only fishery, the whole blue industry chain is undergoing a transformation and upgrading.More than 20 key generic technologies have been sorted out in the city, and 8 fishery mechanization (automation) projects are about to be put into use. Through the chain extension and cross-border integration between Marine industry and advanced manufacturing industry, a new space for upgrading has been created.In December last year, the Blue Innovation Incubation zone of yuanyao Shallow Sea Science and Technology Bay ushered in a new project — the National Seawater Utilization Engineering and Technology Center. The center will build a seawater desalination equipment research and development platform, test and testing platform, technical service platform, and create a national seawater desalination device production base.This is the epitome of “energy level transition” in our city’s Marine manufacturing industry.In order to provide an innovation “engine” for the Marine industry, weihai has also established 7 municipal innovation technology centers, including Weihai Seaweed Technology Innovation Center, Weihai Tuna Resource Efficient Utilization Technology Innovation Center, And Weihai Oyster Technology Innovation Center.”We will focus on five industries, including ships and fishery related equipment, Marine electronic information and intelligent equipment, Marine new energy, Marine new materials, and comprehensive utilization of seawater. We will link up major projects to replace old driving forces with new ones, and actively seize the middle and high end of the industrial chain.”Related person in charge of municipal Ocean Development Bureau.At present, zhuhai is making all-out efforts to promote the “clustering chain” of Marine biological industry, striving to achieve the output value of Marine biological and health food industry cluster of 120 billion yuan by 2023.Based on the vision of “big ocean”, it aims to build a dynamic industrial development pattern with prominent features and complementary advantages by strengthening Marine cultural tourism, improving Marine transportation industry, expanding Marine finance and insurance industry and fostering emerging Marine service industry.Transformation advantage: first try to give “Weihai” carbon cable “a sea, how much money can be made?The answer given by Ailun Bay Ocean Ranch in Rongcheng city is at least three — industrial money, tourism money and ecological money.Finally, Allen Bay can reduce coal consumption by 10,000 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 300 tons per year by installing air source heat pumps, distributed photovoltaic equipment and smart energy management system.From the traditional breeding sea to the national Marine ranch, and then to the province’s first Marine ranch zero-carbon energy demonstration zone, Ailunwan has been doing the article of “advantage transformation”, which is also another “key” to break the transformation and upgrading of Marine economy.How to hold and use this “key” well?The whole city will firmly adhere to the goal of blue economy industry, effectively transform the existing ecological advantages and Marine advantages into the new stage of development advantages, and strive to create characteristics and take the lead in carbon peak and carbon neutrality.From the establishment of the Sanggou Bay Shellfish algae Carbon Sequestration Laboratory by Academician Tang Qisheng’s team to the establishment of shandong Province Marine Negative Emission Academician workstation in Weihai, Our city has the foundation, conditions and advantages in developing blue carbon economy.Since 2021, around the carbon was at peak, carbon neutral, goals and objectives, zhuhai first try first blue carbon economy development action plan, implementation of the “12356” action, make active exploration, in terms of carbon emissions in construction of city communities in weihai international Marine science and technology, speed up promote Marine carbon sinks to realize industrialization, capitalization, towards the whole province, the national blue carbon big stage.This is the “blue carbon time” in Weihai in 2021: In March, the Symposium of Carbon peak carbon neutralization in Weihai city pointed out that we should focus on “reducing” and “fixing”, resolutely complete the carbon peak and carbon neutralization goals and tasks, and accelerate the realization of green transformation of economic and social development;In April, “Weihai Blue Carbon Economy Development Action Plan (2021-2025)” was issued, proposing that by the end of 2025, blue carbon economy will account for more than 30% of the city’s Marine economy;In August, Weihai Changqing Marine Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was approved for a 20 million yuan “Marine carbon sequestration loan,” the first “green loan” in China pledging the long-term revenue right of carbon reduction generated annually by kelp and other seafood farming.November, first voyage of carbon sink survey in sanggou Bay aquaculture area by Shandong Academician Workstation of Negative Marine Emissions;The offshore experimental platform was launched at the 10,000-mu Kelp cultivation dock in Rongcheng, and the data related to kelp cultivation and effective carbon sink generated during the whole life cycle of kelp cultivation were monitored.”These actions demonstrate that it will take a series of original explorations to conquer blue Carbon’s ‘no man’s land’.”Weihai blue CongYongPing, vice President of the economic research institute, said they will speed up to build ecological industry and ecological industry as the main body of the Marine ecological economic system, to carry out the “blue bay” regulation, seaweed bed repair green development, aquaculture, Marine carbon sequestration demonstration methodology such as research and development, the development of blue carbon economy, power carbon neutral exploration practice walking in the forefront of the country.Whether it is to build weihai International Ocean Science and Technology City, or to take the lead in blue carbon economy, or to break through a series of “bottleneck” technologies…Looking back at the course of 2021 when Zhuhai pays great attention to and strives to solve the problems of Marine economy transformation and upgrading, the “core solution” is nothing more than “innovation”.Weihai is born and prospers by the sea, and it will be strong to the sea map and tap the unlimited potential of high-quality development of Marine economy with innovation.Adhering to concept innovation, we will continue to strengthen the five directions of “using the sea scientifically, invigorating the sea with science and technology, strengthening the sea with industry, protecting the sea with ecology, and opening and living the sea”. With the “Three-year Action Plan for Building a Strong Ocean City” as the route map and task book, We will accelerate Weihai’s march toward an international strong ocean city.To uphold scientific and technological innovation, we need to work hard to build platforms and support science and technology, release the vitality, strength and attractiveness of the International Ocean Science and Technology City, and build an innovation “engine” for the transformation and upgrading of the Marine economy.Adhering to service innovation, Zhuhai will deepen the cultivation of Marine biological and healthy food industrial clusters, participate in promoting Marine financial innovation, actively strive for policies supporting seawater desalination, accelerate the development of blue carbon economy, continue to release the “source” effect of blue carbon economy, and promote the construction of a strong ocean city to a new level.Just after the New Year’s Day of 2021, I moved into yuanyao Shallow sea Science and Technology Bay Area with my “team” to promote the construction of international Ocean Science and Technology City.In the morning of December 10, 2021, the 2022 development plan of the International Ocean Science and Technology City will be discussed. The plan still needs to be improved, and it will be printed and implemented after the consultation of opinions is completed.In this year, the special class led the compilation and completion of the Implementation Plan for the Construction of The International Ocean Science and Technology City, identified 22 major issues, improved the working mechanism of overall planning and coordination, regular scheduling, supervision and implementation, and promoted the construction of the science and Technology City to fully open the framework and accelerate the formation of the momentum.After a year of construction, a large amount of capital, technology and resources are coming together to this “blue Silicon Valley”. In the future, we will strive to move forward with the waves and strive to be the vanguard to promote the construction of strong Ocean City to a new level.Liang Zhenlin, Executive Vice President of Marine College of Shandong University (Weihai) — Based on weihai’s advantages, Weihai has the courage to advance the transformation and upgrading of Marine economy, fully explore the development potential of Marine industry, and explore the construction of Marine ecological civilization, which has made a significant breakthrough.Weihai is good at mining unique resources, such as the superior Marine experimental conditions in the Bay Area, and has built the only comprehensive Marine experimental site jointly built by the ministry and province in China.With the honor of “National brand”, it has attracted state-owned and central enterprises such as Aerospace Science and Technology, Aerospace Science and Industry, Zhongguancun, etc., to set up a series of high-end scientific research platforms, laying a good foundation for the development of Marine electronic information and intelligent equipment.Trial in advance is another important reason for the rapid development of Weihai’s Marine economy.Weihai quickly started the blue carbon economy, took the lead in building the only academician workstation on Marine ecological economy in China — Jiao Nianzhi Academician Workstation and the Marine Negative Emission Research Center, and took the lead in completing the formulation of carbon sink methodology for kelp cultivation, further amplifying the blue carbon source effect and driving the further transformation and upgrading of Marine economy.Based on the existing foundation, I believe Weihai should adhere to building an international Marine science and technology city, cultivate new driving forces through scientific and technological innovation, expand and strengthen its own advantages, and use new technologies and new ideas to cultivate strategic emerging industries, comprehensively improve the competitiveness of the Marine industry, and promote high-quality development.(Hi Weihai client reporter Du Xiaoying Sun Yijia/Article Sun Dawei/photo)