Marbury faced a big test, Weems was questioned, Du Feng after the truth

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Hello, everyone, I am the north lime, you should form the habit of praising before reading!The second phase of the CBA regular season has all ended, the record of The North Control team is 14-14 ranked the 11th in the league, they are still not guaranteed to get a playoff spot, Xinjiang is only two wins away from the North Control team, there are still 10 games in the third phase of the regular season,Xinjiang have every opportunity thus will BeiKong team out of the playoffs, the just-concluded BeiKong against guangsha team, the team’s main force players number one three liao ning also suffered serious injuries, this season he is declared for the basic, less after three liao ning BeiKong team was no. 1 player can use,Marbury will face a big test in the third period of the regular season, and his lineup will be the key.BeiKong team squad although looks very good now, but their injuries are serious, the said ri first, he was BeiKong team’s main striker, but starting from the last offseason ri left the team into the model for the bianconeri and missed all the game before the new season, he recently BeiKong teams have all of the contract to ri buyout, the two sides parted ways,After losing an important forward line team, the strength of the North Control team is very obvious, they can use fewer and fewer people at the third position.Sail again to be the team’s main point guard players, before him in the game and a bump on the across the front of the wu, a direct result of zygomatic fractures, fractures of the injury is generally need to slowly recovering, there is no rapid recovery, even sail after the surgery, he is still difficult to immediately return to the team play, the third stage of the regular season,Zhang fan does not know whether he can return to the north control team, if his injury can not recover, the north Control team back line will be worse.The last is the problem of BeiKong team foreign aid, although they now have three foreign aid, but this state of three foreign aid a ratio a bad, in the game against guangsha, BeiKong team three foreign aid team together scored 14 points, only the data and guangsha the performance of a foreign aid Jones, want to know can be in the league in the medium level of foreign aid, JonesNorth control team’s current combination of foreign aid for the team is not too much help, they will also have a fourth foreign aid Dunmeng joined the team.The most important thing for Marbury right now is how to use the four foreign players. Haas and Todorovic are both big foreign players, and the two have some conflicting positions. Haas is better at protecting the rim than Todorovic, and Todorovic is more offensive around the basket.Marbury now give each of the two players 15 minutes of playing time but they can not better find their own state of competition, four sections of the foreign aid system, double foreign aid collocation use is more reasonable, four foreign aid lineup but some nonfish.BeiKong coach marbury second message from guangdong foreign aid weems, this season, let the fans were not satisfied with his performance, feeling weems didn’t find he should feel, against through the Shanghai team’s competition, in guangdong weems state directly lead to poor team loses, he is too important for guangdong.The game weems 27 minutes time, he made just 2 of 10 shots, scored five points, two rebounds, 7 assists, steals, 2 blocks of data, and the team’s another foreign aid more than weems’s contribution on the offensive end is not too big, he is the only advantage is the ability to create some chances for his teammates.Although now guangdong players strength is very strong, but they can’t open the case, an attack still needs foreign aid to score, before weems is playing the key role in the team, but now he is a big gap between the state and compared to last season, it is not a good thing for guangdong.Before guangdong was able to get a three-peat, ma shang and weems contribution is huge, is now a horse is because of the Achilles tendon rupture has not returned to the team, this injury for the career of athletes will have certain effect, if it is the state of the horse and fell, guangdong this season is not optimistic.Guangdong last season for the fans feeling is ahead of the other team a step, but as the downturn weems performance this season, their overall strength is not so terror, of course, now the guangdong team is still very incomplete, after the training of the offseason, the third stage weems should be playing more and more good.Guangdong small foreign aid weems third message manager Du Feng guidance from guangdong, after the team lost to Shanghai team, guangdong is also the end of the second phase of the entire game, although they did not use a victory to complete the MSC, but Du Feng guidance are not too disappointed, in the post-match press conference, he breathed out of the truth.In the previous interview, Du Feng guide mentioned guangdong this season to the requirement of the regular season ranked no too big, just to the playoffs, for guangdong ranking is certainly worth pursuing, but more hope Du Feng guidance is the players don’t suffer injury in the team, can play with healthy body.After the game, Du Feng said that several veteran players of Guangdong basketball team were very tired, especially Zhou Peng and Ren Junfei. They had participated in the World Cup qualifier on behalf of The Chinese men’s basketball team. After coming back, they immediately started the second regular season competition, and both of them needed a good rest to recover.It is the same with Yi Jianlian. Although he did not play for the national team before, his physical strength is not as full as before after his big injury. He plays with his will power completely.Besides veteran, Du Feng guidance also mentioned a team of young players, he hope that through the game the squad which can be realized and the gap between each other, after back to redouble efforts to meet the third stage of the regular season game, guangdong is now spent the most difficult period, the third stage they will return to full of blood.Guangdong coach Du Feng guidance after Mr. Guidance also today, in an interview made it clear that the guangdong and not of all their strength, this season – although maintained the regular season first grade, but their overall strength is not as strong as I thought the fans, guangdong is still a very strong opponent.Liaoning team and Guangdong team have the strongest book strength. In the second stage, Guangdong team’s main guard Zhao Rui was absent for many games. When he came back, the team should be able to play its strongest strength to welcome a winning streak.I am Beining, a female fan, follow me and get more CBA information!