The practical work to the military family side, the warmth to the mission line

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“The communist party is too good, I will call him, let him see how the local people treat us, he can not live up to!”The old father of zhou Qigang, a first class master sergeant of a newly built missile force, said excitedly as he took the leadership of deyang Military sub-zone in Sichuan Province.This is a silhouette of a visit to deyang Military Sub-area organized by the deyang Military Sub-area to “bring practical things to the side of military families, bring warmth to the front line of the mission”.On the eve of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, leaders of deyang Military Sub-division led the municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau and the municipal Double Support Leading Group Office to jointly visit and comfort the frontline officers and soldiers of border and coastal defense tasks, the families of heroes and martyrs and the survivors of martyrs, visiting villages and towns.Has come to a first class flight test task, earthquake relief heroes first-class credit, some new missile troops level master sergeant, air force pilots flying forces the martyr, etc. Several typical advanced, martyr’s home, the party and the government’s care, the warmth of the people’s army to military families, passed into the barracks, hot incentive deyang cadastral soldiers secure service, building barracks.The family of Liao Yang, a martyr of an Air Force flying unit, tearfully said, “The Party and the country have not forgotten us, and the people’s army has not forgotten us….”Earthquake relief first hero segment taixun in the telephone to the home condolences of the leadership said, “home people have always remembered us, we must not be entrusted by the old folks, remember the mission of soldiers, keep the color of soldiers, please wait for me to pass the good news…”It is reported, before the Spring Festival this year, deyang and combined local veterans affairs, the departments work, achieved “achieved” thick atmosphere, power forces training preparation, highlight the frontline officers and soldiers to send warm and fall in love love entitled groups, group two stage has dozens of times to deyang city, county cadastral soldiers, some home send contributions for carmakers, hanging slava and relieve the troubles,It has been warmly received and highly praised, and it has made military service a respected profession and military families a respected family.The red plaque of “First-class hero’s Home” hanging on the door of zhang Min’s home attracted many tourists to queue up to take photos and become a new Internet celebrity card place.Source: National Defense Times Editor: Nan Review Editor: Jiang Yuting Link: National Defense Times news Center