Another government organization with public funds to support disorderly Hong Kong elements has been exposed, we need to rectify as soon as possible

2022-06-15 0 By

Since the promulgation and implementation of the “Law on National Security in Hong Kong” and the election reform of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, it has become the consensus of all Hong Kong people that “patriots govern Hong Kong”. However, foreign forces have infiltrated Hong Kong government for a long time, and some government agencies are still in the hands of foreigners and rioters who blatantly oppose China and Hong Kong.A few days ago, Hong Kong “Mirror” chief writer Au Hanzong exposed such an organization.According to the area of han zong “February 7, said in a news release, public education to the university of Hong Kong university grants committee (UGC) power greatly, problems, power is controlled by foreigners, have more than one committee dominated by overseas scholars have been outside influence, often in the name of the academic funding in the harbor project,The use of public money to establish so-called “self-government” databases in institutions sowing the consequences of campus politicisation.The University Grants Committee (UGC) is a non-statutory advisory committee to advise the Government on the development and funding requirements of the eight public universities.The eight publicly funded universities in Hong Kong will seek funding from the Hong Kong Government, which will consult the UGC in advance.In addition, the UGC also has a research Grants Council (RGC), which is responsible for approving research grants for public universities, with $46 billion under its control.This shows that the UGC is holding the lifeblood of public universities.Professional organizations do professional things, which is fine, but only if the organization is politically correct.Clearly, the UGC is not sitting on its rear end.According to Qu Zonghan, fang Zhiheng, a scholar from Hong Kong chaos, received 5.86 million yuan of research funding from the Research Grants Council from 2016 to 2020. Almost all of his research projects served for anti-China chaos activities, and a political propaganda project promoting American ideology received more than 440,000 yuan of funding.On the one hand, Fang zhiheng took the Hong Kong government’s research funds, on the other hand, he aggressively promoted American ideology.Fang chi-heng, as revealed by Au, is just one typical example. If a thorough audit of all grants made by the UGC and THE Research Grants Council over the years is carried out, it is feared that more anti-Hong Kong projects with public funds will be exposed.One of the main reasons why the UGC is controlled by foreign powers is that Hong Kong, which has been under colonial rule for many years, still believes in the “full moon of foreign countries”.The UGC itself is an advisory committee which advises the Government on funding.But because government officials only trust the authority of foreign scholars, bringing in a bunch of foreign scholars as consultants has become an important channel for foreign anti-China forces to infiltrate the government’s decision-making ranks.Those who are not of our kind have different hearts.How can these foreign scholars, brought in by the UGC and dominated by foreign anti-China forces, come up with opinions that are truly beneficial to Hong Kong?Therefore, the UGC has become a platform for foreign anti-China forces to smuggle illicit goods under the guise of “professionalism” to influence the government’s decision making.In terms of academic research, Hong Kong is no worse than any other place, and there are a large number of outstanding scholars in the Mainland who are fully capable of assisting the government in its decision-making.The DECISION by the UGC to invite foreign scholars, especially in some social science projects, has certainly provided opportunities for Hong Kong scholars in many universities in Hong Kong.Actually to solve this problem is very simple, as long as a regulation to limit the proportion of different disciplines to invite foreign scholars, scientific and technical limitation corresponding can relax a little, the proportion of social science class will foreign scholars compressed to a lower level, can be blocked foreigners to master teaching and research grants council of the channel.Since someone has exposed this serious security vulnerability, the relevant departments of the Hong Kong government should face it squarely and solve it quickly.