Hisense became the first Chinese enterprise to win the Dubai Quality Global Award

2022-06-15 0 By

On March 25, the reporter learned from Hisense Group that the Chinese enterprise Hisense won the Dubai Quality Global Award at the 28th Dubai Quality Global Award ceremony held by the Ministry of Economy and Tourism of Dubai.The Dubai Quality Global Award is one of the most prestigious awards in Dubai and the only one signed by the Vice President of the UNITED Arab Emirates and The Ruler of Dubai.This time, Hisense stood out from the competition with Samsung, LG, SONY and other enterprises to become the only Chinese enterprise to win the award, which means that in the Middle East market, Represented by Hisense, Chinese home appliance enterprises have the strength to keep up with the global consumer electronics giants.The Dubai Quality Global Awards, launched in 1994, recognise multinational companies that have achieved their own development excellence and contributed to local economic and social development.The judging panel is composed of government representatives, business leaders with practical experience in quality management system and expert consultants, and the candidate companies are strictly selected over a period of three to four months.In a rigorous selection process, The Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism evaluated Hisense in terms of leadership, strategy, people, partners and resources, processes and new and innovative ideas for brand execution.The jury said the award highlights the company’s commitment to the world and its positive contribution to local economic recovery and development.”This is a proud moment for Hisense.We are very grateful to the Ministry of Economy and Tourism of Dubai for awarding Hisense the Dubai Quality Global Award in recognition of our business efforts in the region.This actually underscores the fact that Hisense Middle East is on the right path to growth and success.”Mr. Ouyang, General Manager of Hisense Middle East and Africa region and General manager of Hisense Dubai, said hisense has always adhered to high quality and advanced technology since it opened up the market in the Middle East, which enabled hisense to enter the track of rapid development in the Middle East region.Hisense is able to keep pace with global consumer electronics giants and stand out from many competitors such as Samsung, LG and SONY, indicating that hisense is recognized by the market for its excellent practices.Hisense will continue to bring the best technology, products and services to consumers in the Middle East, thus continuously enhancing brand awareness and competitiveness.The judging panel was impressed by hisense’s achievements in Dubai, and praised hisense’s activities and services there.Hisense’s digital platform can keep in touch with users in real time and provide fast response and service for consumers. Its all-weather service mode also makes Hisense more competitive in the local market.During the epidemic period, Hisense launched free services and additional warranties, which made it easier and more convenient for local consumers to enjoy hisense’s products and services, and added highlights to this award review.China Quality News