0-0, the champion is gone!1 stuffy draw 2 happy, 3 lost ecstasy, and unexpected harvest?

2022-06-16 0 By

The smoke of the champions league, serie a is also ushered in the regression, the league now 19 in Genoa met in the title, the key moment of inter, Genoa bad play this season they have to accept the result of the relegation, this means that the remaining 12 rounds of league, even in such rivals inter milan they also need to go all out.Inter, meanwhile, are struggling with their own form, with arch-rivals AC Milan sitting atop serie A and facing Genoa giving them the perfect chance to return to first place with three points.Genoa have struggled so far this season, with just one win in 26 league games, that they have had to sack andriy shevchenko, the last of Ukraine’s nuclear Arsenal, with one win, three draws and seven defeats after 11 games in charge in just two months.Hometown suffered a crisis of shevchenko now may also have no time to think about the international milan side is also missing good bureau, at the beginning of the league has been to occupy the league 1 of the throne of their state in February was moving, although Derby loss after the win against roma, but since then has been stay there, so just have slipped 2 league position,Not only did AC Milan overtake them at the top of the table, but napoli are catching up.Inter took the initiative at the start of the game, not only in possession, but in the third minute Perisic hit a shot, but Genoa’s defence was quite hard and sirigu, the veteran goalkeeper, kept the ball straight away.Then the individual strength of both players was reflected and radiated to the whole stadium, inter was the siege of the first half, Genoa side only one shot!But benefited from the iron bucket array International Milan is also no way to break the opponent gate, half stop.Game back to Genoa side determined still to do his duty, inter milan, is to continue to strengthen offensive players attack, but they obviously there is a problem in midfield, in the face of defense not to come out a foot straight infiltration of players, even if the match their possession rate reached a staggering 72%, shooting times there are 16 times,But it was not enough to break through stubborn Genoa and ended in a sorry draw with each side taking a point.Dan cloth rossio 62th minute hit the post is the best opportunity to the international milan after the game in the face of the weakest opponents, inter milan did not win, of AC milan and Genoa are happy, one can continue to sit tight at the top, one is keep relegation hope to get a good points finish, and napoli in third place is probably the biggest winner,Is the so-called “the Wolf has a winning game when the shepherds quarrel, the freedom for AC milan and inter milan 1 position, the third of Naples has been chased up quietly, although face Barcelona midweek champions league cup they lose out, but in the league and the unexpected harvest, DE laurentiis, chairman of the Naples never to laugh wake up, I’m afraid.