Changchun police important early warning!

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Recently, many citizens say they have received recruitment ads on their mobile phones saying “Douyin thumbs up, daily salary 100 yuan”, which is full of temptation for bao Ma who has no work at home or students without financial resources.The common online part-time job “brushing fraud” on e-commerce platforms has taken on the “invisible cloak” of “liking” short videos, causing more people to be cheated.Real case On January 12, 2022, Ms. Sun, a citizen, decided to participate in the short video when she saw an advertisement “Like the short video and wechat public account for two yuan per like”.After the “like” and “cash”, Ms. Sun was induced to invest in the online gambling platform, step by step into the fraud trap, a total of nearly 100,000 yuan was cheated.From the new cheated cases, network brushing fraud and investment fraud show a trend of integration, “brushing” become a prelude to compound fraud.After obtaining the victims’ trust, the fraud gangs would induce them to speculate in stocks, virtual currencies, foreign exchange and even gambling in the name of investment and financial management.1. Post part-time advertisements By phone, SMS, circle of friends, QQ and wechat groups, short video platforms.2. Arrange small tasks of brushing traffic. Pull the victim into the brushing work group, release the public account of concern, like short videos of Douyin Kuaishou, etc.3. Quick return of commission to win trust after completing the task screenshots to the group owner, quickly get 1-2 yuan of commission rebate, the group mainly for commission to get the screenshots posted in the group to encourage other partners have not yet acted, let people feel that part-time work is very reliable, people unknowingly put down their concerns.4 mission to upgrade Lure the victim to the APP to brush one group there is the task of higher amount of commission, says the Lord want to do need to add another group, and the APP to download an online gaming platform, need paying money to buy size on the platform, brush money flowing water do tasks, group manager said this list to return, the more the more filling as long as according to the instructions of the service must make money.Some people hold a try mentality, recharge 50 yuan to test the water, as expected, made money, and smooth withdrawal.Then, under the guidance of the other side to start a larger amount of advance payment tasks.The task after the fraud is no longer a single one, and the advance money is more and more, and all the advance money will not get back until the final task is completed.Take advantage of people’s psychology of sunk cost, make the principal roll bigger and bigger, in order to complete the final task, some people will brush thousands or even tens of thousands to go in.When he finished all tasks and prepared to withdraw cash, he found that he could not do it at all. The platform showed that the account had been frozen and he needed to recharge again to unfreeze it.Not long after, the platform was abnormal, no longer log-in, customer service disappeared.The police remind a, brushing itself is illegal behavior, encounter “brushing”, “brushing credit”, “brushing credit”, “network platform praise” of the network part-time advertising to be vigilant, the requirements of advance payment of funds, are all fraud.Second, do not easily disclose personal payment account number, ID number, mobile phone number, bank card number, verification code and other relevant information, to protect their own property safety.Third, do not click on unknown links, do not scan unknown TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, do not enter suspicious group chat, do not add strangers friends.Citizens should bear in mind 96110 national anti-fraud special line, to download and install the national anti-fraud center APP on the phone, in the discovery of their own fraud, save good chat records and transfer records, the first time to the police.Source: Changchun Anti-telecom Network fraud Center wechat part of the material from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us, thank you editor: Liang Shuang