Do not add firewood to the “fried parking space”

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Recently, the rent of underground parking Spaces in a Hangzhou community doubled and raised prices, upsetting owners. Meanwhile, it was revealed that more than 400 parking Spaces in the community were “monopolized” by one person, which also caused hot debate on the Internet.Nowadays, with the growing number of car owners, it is difficult to find a parking space.The author thinks, village development business is in preventing “fry car space” can have more as on.Although they are in the same community, developers and owners have different demands on parking space.Developers are eager to cash in, generally do not ask buyers to come, not to ask the way home;The trouble of car owners is that parking is expensive and difficult. They have not waited for the cheap parking space after the easing of supply and demand, but they see the parking space in the community “all belong to one person”, and the rental and sale price skyrocket with the “monopoly”.Developers and owners appeal of the dislocation, capital and individual strength of the unequal, so that owners can only hope “a” frustrated.Under the superimposed influence of resource scarcity and speculation for profit, the contradiction between supply and demand of parking resources in residential areas is further intensified. Parking at home has become a difficult problem for many people every day.Some car owners have no choice but to park their cars outside their residential areas, increasing the risk of penalties.To solve the problem of expensive and difficult parking, the city managers need to improve the level of governance, reflect the service temperature, but the residential developers can not stay out of the problem.Residential developers should deepen their understanding and correct understanding of relevant national laws and regulations.Article 74 of the Property Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that the parking Spaces and garages planned for parking cars within the building zoning of a community should first meet the needs of owners.The Supreme People’s Court about building differentiation ownership disputes “the explanation of the concrete application of law explicitly pointed out that the construction unit shall, in accordance with the allocation will be parking places and garages, disposition such as sale, bonus, or rent to the owner, shall be deemed as the behavior conform to relevant to meet the needs of the owners” should be first “.The developer should make it clear that the owners referred to in relevant laws and regulations are all owners, rather than a certain owner, and the developer must give priority to the collective interests of all owners no matter which way the parking space is allocated to which owners.In according to requirements, according to standard PeiJian parking space, on the basis of residential developers to firmly establish the owner centered management concept, is committed to build livable, comfortable, convenient, warm the heart of community living environment, to supply adequate parking Spaces, to hype space, let prices return to rational, to alleviate community residents “parking your parking is always difficult,” as part of their work.Article source: Hebei Economic Daily quality content recommended good news!Luqiao is going to build a school here!The project land use planning has been approved……A dark horse!January dongguan property market transaction list out!Shangqiu issued an urgent reminder: these people please report immediately