Six movies tell you what parents can do for their children

2022-06-16 0 By

You never know what a father or mother can do for their children, but these six movies may give you a glimpse.Parents’ love is always the greatest for children.One, the whole people witnessed Sun Honglei’s father’s love light, he knows the people, know that everyone wants, is a can make everyone satisfied with the answer, rather than the truth behind.Two, kill Wolf greedy Wolf Louis Koo as Hong Kong police, but can not save in Thailand accident daughter, finally with the help of the local police Wu Yue, the group destroyed the organ criminal organization, shot the mastermind Lin Jiadong.Xiao Yang’s two manslaughter movies directly canonized god, once for his daughter and once for his son. He tried his best, even if he paid his own life. Have you been touched by his father’s love?The daughter of the heroine of the montage was killed 15 years ago, and the suspect could not be brought to justice due to insufficient evidence.So she finally acted before the deadline of the validity of the prosecution, this kind of long endurance once the outbreak, the results can be imagined.When David’s daughter mysteriously disappeared, he realized something was wrong with her through her social media accounts and classmates’ accounts.With his wisdom and unremitting efforts, he finally brought the murderer to justice and saved his daughter.– E, N, D —