Free point lactobacillus milk powder baby can drink?

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Free point lactobacillus milk powder baby can drink?The answer is yes.The baby can drink some lactic acid bacteria milk powder.Meanwhile, sick babies and babies with the following 11 conditions need to drink lactic acid bacteria milk powder.Since birth, the baby has started a life journey of mutualism with probiotics.Probiotics are needed to maintain gut health and body health throughout life.The number of probiotics in the human body is very large, almost distributed in all parts of the body, such as skin, mouth, viscera and intestinal tract.Probiotics have the function of resisting harmful pathogenic bacteria and protecting body health.What we often call lactic acid bacteria is actually a kind of probiotics.Lactic acid bacteria have certain characteristics of resistance to gastric acid, digestive fluid and high temperature, so it is easier for lactic acid bacteria to reach the human intestinal tract and successfully colonize in the intestinal tract.Lactic acid bacteria milk powder is actually the same as ordinary infant milk powder, which is specially added a large number of active lactic acid bacteria, so it is called lactic acid bacteria milk powder.When the lactic acid bacteria in the human intestine reaches a certain number, it can maintain the normal health of the human body.However, this amount does not always remain constant, as diarrhea and poor diet can lead to a decrease in the loss of lactic acid bacteria in the gut.Babies before the age of six, when the immune system is not fully developed, are most likely to get sick.The loss of probiotics in the body is reduced when the baby is sick, especially in the intestinal tract, which is the most serious impact.Second is the baby cold fever and other upper respiratory tract infections, will also consume the body’s probiotics.Therefore, the baby in the case of illness, it is necessary to drink lactic acid bacteria milk powder, to supplement the body’s probiotics, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, play a role in maintaining body health.In addition to sick babies who need to drink lactic acid bacteria milk powder, there are 11 conditions for babies to drink lactic acid bacteria milk powder.1. Babies born by Caesarean section.When a baby is born, the first probiotics are received through the mother’s birth canal during vaginal delivery.For the baby by caesarean section, the way to obtain probiotics is reduced, and the appropriate supplement of lactic acid bacteria is conducive to helping the baby establish intestinal microecological balance as soon as possible.Therefore the baby of caesarean section must drink smooth point lactobacillus milk powder.2. There are no breastfed babies.Your baby’s natural source of probiotics is breast milk.Breast milk provides a constant supply of probiotics to promote healthy intestinal development.At present, the most common probiotics isolated from healthy breast milk are lactobacillus, such as bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus sialacidum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum, etc.These probiotics can effectively prevent respiratory and intestinal infections in infants and young children.If your baby is fed with little or all milk powder, be sure to choose lactobacillus milk powder.3. Premature babies.Premature babies have underdeveloped digestive systems and are more likely to have gastrointestinal problems.To the premature baby appropriate supplementation of lactic acid bacteria, is conducive to maintaining the baby’s intestinal health, help nutrition absorption, promote development.After premature birth, such as insufficient breast milk secretion or no breast milk to eat, we must drink free lactobacillus milk powder.4, allergic babies.The baby is prone to allergy, is the baby immune overreaction phenomenon.In the infant period, the baby’s immune regulation ability is poor, easy to food, dust, mites and other allergic reactions.The occurrence of allergy is related to the excessive LgE produced by the human body. When LgE cannot be regulated normally, type I hypersensitivity reaction will occur, such as allergic eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, allergic enteritis, etc., which are also common problems in infants and young children.Through a large number of animal and clinical trials, it has been proved that some beneficial bacteria can reduce LgE and effectively block the binding of allergens and immunosensitizing factor IgE antibodies, directly blocking allergic organisms from the immune source. When lactic acid bacteria in the intestinal tract are reduced, allergies are more likely to occur.This kind of beneficial bacteria with the improvement of allergic constitution is called “anti-allergic lactic acid bacteria”, generally taking 3 months can significantly improve allergic constitution.Therefore, allergic babies must drink lactic acid bacteria milk powder.5, diarrhea of the baby.There are many reasons for baby diarrhea, such as indigestion, bacterial infection, etc., no matter what kind of diarrhea caused by diarrhea, will cause the loss of intestinal probiotics.If the baby’s intestinal probiotics are unbalanced for a long time, diarrhea will not be cured for a long time.In the course of treatment or home care, lactic acid bacteria supplement for the baby, can shorten the course of disease.Keep the balance of baby intestinal probiotics for a long time, can effectively inhibit the invasion of harmful bacteria.Lactic acid bacteria in the conditioning of diarrhea, according to the weight of the environment, generally 1 weeks to two weeks can see the effect.Often repeated diarrhea of the baby, can drink free point lactic acid bacteria conditioning for a long time.6, constipation baby.In infant stool, there is a large number of infant bifidobacteria, when constipation occurs, these bacteria in the stool will be reduced.Lactic acid bacteria can reduce intestinal stricture or obstruction caused by organic disease or inflammation, promote intestinal peristalsis, and play a role in preventing and regulating constipation.Therefore constipation baby must drink free lactobacillus milk powder.7. Babies with bad breath.Baby halitosis, you may not find the reason, even if you pay attention to the baby’s oral hygiene, but also can not improve the baby’s breath.Baby’s bad breath, it is likely to come from the baby’s digestive tract abnormalities.If your baby has bad breath, accompanied by a loss of appetite, this indicates that the baby’s gastrointestinal tract has increased spoilage bacteria.At this time to add lactic acid bacteria to the baby, not only can regulate the baby’s gastrointestinal health, but also eliminate bad breath.So halitosis baby, be sure to drink free lactobacillus milk powder.8, poor immunity of the baby.Lactic acid bacteria not only inhibit the reproduction of harmful pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract and prevent the infection of digestive tract and respiratory tract, but also play a key role in maintaining the dynamic balance of immune system.Lactic acid bacteria can enhance the immune defense ability of human body by regulating the immune response.In the age of weak immunity, namely between 6 months and 6 years old, appropriate supplementation of lactic acid bacteria can effectively enhance the body’s resistance.Therefore, the baby with poor immunity must drink lactic acid bacteria milk powder.Immunity regulation is a systematic process, do not expect immediate effects, generally need about 3 months.9. Babies taking antibiotics.Antibiotics are the natural enemies of probiotics.When the baby is sick, taking antibiotics will not only damage the intestinal epithelial cells, but also destroy a large number of probiotics in the intestinal tract, so that the intestinal flora disorder, resulting in antibiotic-related diarrhea.After taking antibiotics for 2-3 hours, lactic acid bacteria supplementation can reduce the occurrence of this side effect.10, skin eczema baby.Baby body often eczema, red rash, puzzling long small red pimple, this is because the baby intestinal flora imbalance, intestinal defecation is not smooth, resulting in toxin accumulation in the body, on the epidermis “hair” out.Add lactic acid bacteria to the baby to promote the intestinal microecological balance, so that the baby’s intestinal normal defecation detoxification, the toxins in the baby’s body through the stool out of the body, the baby skin will not have eczema.So the skin eczema baby must drink lactic acid bacteria milk powder.Lactose intolerant babies.Lactose intolerant babies drink lactobacillus milk powder, the main effect is to regulate intestinal flora, relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.Lactose intolerance is caused primarily by indigestion or malabsorption of lactose, which occurs because of a deficiency in the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose.This kind of circumstance sees more in Asian area, and have certain heredity tendency.Such patients in the gut of lactose content is not enough, so can’t break down and digest lactose, lactase cannot be absorbed by human body, will remain in the intestinal tract, and a decomposition into lactic acid bacteria, excess lactic acid can damage the intestinal acid, alkaline, so that the intestinal secretion of alkaline substances to neutralize the excess lactic acid, so prone to all kinds of symptoms of diarrhea.However, lactic acid bacteria are absorbed by the human body after fermenting lactose into lactic acid, which is not easy to cause diarrhea in the human body, but can regulate the intestinal flora and relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.Therefore, lactose intolerance of the baby, must drink free lactobacillus milk powder.Chang Point lactic acid bacteria milk powder is produced from raw milk, with protein content up to 18 grams per 100 grams, which can fully meet the needs of baby’s daily growth and development without worrying about insufficient nutrition.So the baby can rest assured to drink free lactobacillus milk powder.