“I do practical things for the masses” Lianshan community: pruning branches beautify the area environment

2022-06-17 0 By

As the rain subside, the weather gradually warm, on the morning of March 28, the Lianshan community Party committee organized volunteers and green pruning staff, using pruning scissors, pruning saw and other tools, under the premise of considering the beauty and lighting problems, began to the trees in the residential area for a comprehensive high altitude pruning.During the pruning process, community workers have been following the pruning team, coordinating residents’ problems, maintaining road conditions and dealing with all kinds of emergencies.After pruning operation, the greening of the community is orderly, and the lighting problem of residents has been effectively solved.Through this pruning and cleaning work, it effectively improved the living environment of the residents under the jurisdiction, cut off the troubles of the residents, eliminated the hidden dangers of safety, and also laid a solid foundation for the establishment of a civilized city, which was unanimously praised by the residents.(without permission Radio and television shall not be reproduced) source: xiangyang economic life channel reporter: Patrick | correspondent: m, lianshan zhuang community Editor: sun Chen snow Wang Jiali | proofing: (coordinating editor Lin: diplodocus | audit: Zeng Chun full