Jilin, a major grain-producing province in China, is working hard to ensure the right time for farming in the fight against the epidemic

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A farmer works on straw returning at a family farm in Changchun, capital of Northeast China’s Changchun, April 4, 2019.Changchun, April 9 (Reporters Zhang Jian, Xue Qinfeng)Omicron virus continues to ravage China. Jilin Province, a major grain producing province in China, is facing a severe epidemic situation, with more than 60,000 cases reported this time.While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Jilin province has taken multiple measures to ensure proper farming time and lay a solid foundation for the annual grain harvest.Jilin province is located in the core area of black land in China and is an important commodity grain base in China.In 2021, jilin province’s grain output exceeded 80 billion jin for the first time, hitting a record high.The epidemic is more serious in Changchun city, Jilin city are important grain production cities.Zhang Baozong jilin provincial party committee propaganda department, deputy minister, said at a news conference held in 7, the province is insist on epidemic prevention principle of spring, two not mistake, crops and the important agricultural and sideline products supply to demand for high yielding and deployment, clear agricultural materials transportation green channel, strengthen capacity service guarantee, to crack down on fake and shoddy agricultural materials, to encourage farmers cooperatives DaiGeng DaiZhong,Educate and guide peasants to engage in agricultural production activities in a fixed area.At the same time, the Leading group of Epidemic Prevention and control in Jilin Province has issued the Work Plan on Returning Farmers to Their Hometowns for Spring Ploughing, which has detailed provisions on returning conditions, application procedures, personnel transfer and control after returning.Changchun city and Jilin City, which have been hit hard by the epidemic, are speeding up the issuance of permits for farmers stranded in the two cities by publicizing their contact information and other measures, so that eligible farmers can return to their hometowns for spring farming as soon as possible.Recently, Ye Yonghua, a villager from Jinxing Village, Jinsha Town, Huadian City, jilin Province, took a bus arranged by the government to return to his village.To the village, Ye Yonghua did not stop a moment, grasp the start of the preparation of farming production.According to the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Huadian City, there are about 7,000 farmers who need to return to their hometowns to prepare for farming and have been issued permits.In order to ensure the safe travel of personnel, huadian city transportation department urgently transferred 14 passenger enterprise buses, and do a good job of vehicle elimination, prevention and control materials and other preparations.At present, jilin province has prepared more than 1,100 passenger vehicles of various types to ensure that farmers travel for spring ploughing.Farmers prepare for spring farming in Hongguang Village of Jiutai district of Changchun, capital of Northeast China’s Changchun, April 7, 2019.While ensuring travel, Jilin province is striving to meet farmers’ demand for fertilizer, seeds and other agricultural materials.Grain production county princess Ling city in order to ensure farmers agricultural demand, princess Ling city agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade sorted out a number of good reputation, quality of agricultural production, sales enterprise list and contact information, sent to each village, help farmers through mobile phone contact to buy agricultural materials.In a few days, princess Ling city agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement team captain Wang Tianmin led the team to the high-speed port docking of agricultural materials transport vehicles, the vehicle led to agricultural materials processing enterprises, to ensure the supply of agricultural materials enterprises.A number of green channels have been opened to ensure emergency distribution of agricultural materials and normal agricultural production.Jilin Province has also implemented the responsibility of providing assistance and insurance for farmers and farmers who cannot return home due to the containment of the epidemic. It has dispatched officials at both the rural and the rural levels to provide insurance for farmers and farmers who cannot return home due to the containment of the epidemic, and encouraged production trusteeship services.In addition, Jilin Province has stepped up epidemic prevention and control in rural areas simultaneously, urging local governments to play the role of “one village, one police” to prevent the outbreak caused by the gathering of people and prevent the spread of the virus in rural areas.Wang Zhongcai, secretary of the Party branch of Rafa Village, Jiahe City, said that the epidemic prevention and control in villages is accurate to people, and timely inform returning farmers of matters needing attention.A farmer raises rice seedlings in hongguang Village of Jiutai district of Changchun, capital of Northeast China’s Changchun, April 7, 2019.A series of efforts in Jilin province are yielding initial results, Xinhua said.The latest statistics show that up to now, Jilin province has built seedling sheds of nearly 120,000 mu, more than 80% of the plan, corn, soybean and other seeds to the home arrival rate of more than 90%.”Jilin Province will, in accordance with the farming season, do a good job of rice seedling transplanting and corn, soybean and other crops seeding, and strive to achieve a full sowing, for the whole year to lay a solid foundation for agricultural harvest.”Jilin Province agriculture and rural department deputy director Liu Wenguo said.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn