Liu Gongquan’s Meng Zhao Tie, once known as the “sixth line of the world”

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Liu Gongquan’s calligraphy is known as regular script. He first learned Wang Xizhi and later observed famous calligraphers in the Tang Dynasty. He absorbed the strengths of Yan Zhenqing and Ouyang Xun and created his own “Liu Style”, which was good at bone strength and vitality.It was named as “Yan Liu”, and it went up with Ouyang Xun, Yan Zhenqing and Zhao Meng ð« this is the fourth regular scriptBut his line writing is also good, “Meng Zhao Post” 7 lines, 27 words.The shape of this post is different in length, width and width, or broken or connected, the ink is heavy and light, the line is centered on the center, full and thick.In terms of writing mode, there is “yi collapse” represented by two wang, and also “zhouzhouzhuan” represented by Yan Zhenqing.”Meng Zhao Tie” was known as “the sixth line of the world”.Interpretation: public right mengzhao, out of the academician, the job in idle cold, affection entrust, who is willing to respond, deep sense of happiness.Public power is.