Mobile payment is convenient and fast, why developed countries do not love to use, has not been popular?

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Now the Development of the Internet is getting better and better, in our life, if there is no Internet, there may be no way to run, such as mobile payment.Now when we go out, it’s amazing if anyone takes out cash to pay, because now you can just hold your phone, you can shop online, you can pay for your groceries.When it comes to mobile payment, alipay is wechat, and these two are the main payment methods in China. In addition to ordinary shopping, living expenses can also be paid by these two payment methods.It is understood that China has 1.26 billion people using wechat, that is to say, maybe some of these users may not use wechat pay, but at least in the future may be slowly used, after all, these are potential users.Last year, the number of active users of Alipay reached more than 1.2 billion. Based on these data, we can know that we really cannot live without Alipay and wechat. Many people think that mobile payment is also available in developed countries.In fact, there was mobile payment in the United States before, but it was not supported by many people. Apple Inc. in the United States launched Apple Pay, a mobile payment method.Although it is very convenient for people to use this method of payment, the acceptance level is not high. Many people are many people are wondering why this is the case?Therefore, mobile payment is convenient and fast, why developed countries do not love to use, has not been popular?The first is the high popularity of foreign credit cards.Credit cards can make people have better spending power, so many countries will let people get credit cards, after all, no matter go to the supermarket, hospital, or restaurant, you can pay with credit cards.For example, in order to allow people to apply for credit cards in the United States, there will be activities to send cash, and there are bonus points in credit cards, sometimes the bonus points are higher than the deposit interest.Do not only send cash activities to attract customers, but also have some countries have established good credit card system, such as credit card and your credit binding, if, pursuant to the provisions of the bank payment on time, so your credit will be more and more high, it is understood that in the United States more than 80% of people are willing to use credit CARDS to consume.The second point is that many people feel that mobile payments are dangerous.Everything has two sides, so does mobile payment. Although mobile payment is indeed very convenient, it also has security risks. After all, wechat and Alipay are third-party platforms.Many of us attach our personal information to various payment apps, but there is no guarantee that these apps won’t leak our information.From the current point of view, personal privacy must be protected, especially in some developed countries, they pay more attention to privacy protection, so they will not like mobile payment.The third point is that the signal is not strong.When it comes to this aspect, many people are very confused, has been sent to the country, then there will be a signal not to the problem?In fact, there is such a situation.There are 6 million signal stations worldwide, but there are 4 million in our country, compared to 35 in the United States.For capital, of course, there is a profit to be made, so setting up a signal station in the United States is only for commercial purposes, like in places with few people, it is really difficult to make mobile payments.China’s signal stations can really be said to be all over the country, even in remote areas with few people, then the government will build signal stations, so China’s signal coverage is very large, we do not worry about the problem of no way to use mobile payment in mountain villages.From this introduction can also know, the popularity of mobile payment in China compared with developed countries is relatively high, and the central bank governor zhou xiaochuan also said, although there are some aspects of the development in our country and there is no way compared to developed countries, but believe that later we will make a lot of achievements, and may be beyond some developed countries.In fact, in addition to mobile payment such as Alipay and wechat, there is another mobile payment method, that is digital RMB.However, from the current perspective, the popularity of digital RMB is not very high, and there are many advantages of digital RMB, for example, the payment does not need to be connected to the Internet, and it does not need to be bound to third-party platforms.There is no need to scan the code, as long as the mobile phone with the business touch, the money will pay in the past.Conclusion Then why has it not become common?As a matter of fact, the functions of digital RMB are relatively simple. For example, Alipay will have some financial products, so if we want to make digital RMB more popular, we should set diversified functions. After diversified functions, WE believe more people will use digital RMB.Today’s Topic: ‘Cashless Era’ Too Dangerous?Why is mobile payment less popular in developed countries?