Striving for a “good start” fuzhou: focusing on the project sprint for the first quarter

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The second Minhou Bridge, with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan, was successfully closed on January 27, marking the initial achievements of the project construction.”Construction of the main structure of the bridge has been completed and it is expected to be completed and open to traffic in June this year.”Chen Shibo, deputy manager and deputy chief engineer of minhou Second Bridge Project Department, introduced that the Spring Festival is approaching, but the project does not stop work, does not slack off, and strives to grasp the construction schedule at full speed to ensure the completion on schedule, and helps Fuzhou to become bigger, better and stronger.According to the statistics bureau of Fuzhou, in 2021, Fuzhou achieved a GDP of 1,132.448 billion yuan, an increase of 8.4%, laying a solid foundation for implementing the strategy of strengthening provincial capitals and accelerating the construction of modern international cities.The superior performance of high-quality economic development stems from the soaring progress of project construction.Last year, Fuzhou vigorously implemented the action of “Grasping projects for promotion” and “tackling the key 120 days”. The investment of 1,477 key projects in the city was over 467.5 billion yuan, ranking first in the province’s “five batches” positive incentive comprehensive evaluation.Starting from a higher starting point, sprint for a “good start” in the first quarter, Fuzhou firmly holds the project “ox nose”.”We vigorously promoted projects through investment, strengthened the guarantee of project construction elements and coordinated services, pushed forward projects in a strong, orderly and effective way, and ensured a good start to the first quarter with the actual results of project construction.”Fuzhou city leadership said.Policy leading, waving his baton – currently, fuzhou has been worked out in the first quarter of 2022 “good start” work plan, including measures to promote industrial production in the first quarter and stable operation of 13 major policies and measures, from promoting production stability, strengthen the financial support, help increase efficiency, ensuring the stability of employment post to multiple aspects, such as concentration, more measures simultaneously, the resultant force is crucial,We will continue to create a “warm environment” and provide “thermal power” for project construction, and plan to generate 100 key projects requiring key services in the first quarter of 2022.On the eve of the Spring Festival, at the construction site of The Hengmei Photoelectric Polarizer project in Fumi Industrial Park, Changle District, the tower cranes were swinging and rotating, and the machines were beating drums. The construction scene was in full swing, and some buildings had already broken out of the ground.It is reported that Fumi Industrial Park is another major new display industry project introduced by Fuzhou after BOE, with a total investment of 22 billion yuan and an estimated annual output value of 40 billion yuan.At present, the industrial park has introduced 5 related industries such as Hengmei Polarizer, Fumi Technology fitting and Fumi Technology module, and is committed to building the first photoelectric industrial base with the most complete industrial chain and the most concentrated industrial elements in China.”The industrial base is expected to be completed and put into operation from June this year.We were encouraged by the good policy at the right time.”Officials of the Fumi Industrial Park said that hundreds of workers will stick to their posts during the Spring Festival to ensure that the construction of the project goes on according to schedule.The support of large and good projects is the key to high-quality development.In order to promote the smooth progress of major projects and speed up the production, around the goal of “a good start” in the first quarter, all localities in Fuzhou have pressed ahead, increased support, and introduced more detailed, stronger and more warm measures to benefit enterprises.In fuqing city, an important economic city, in order to encourage enterprises to increase production and efficiency, on the basis of supporting incentives in Fuzhou, another 50% supporting incentives will be given.Take the electricity subsidy as an example, after Fuzhou city gives 0.02 yuan/KWH reward according to the actual electricity consumption, Fuqing will give another supporting reward of 0.01 yuan/KWH actual electricity consumption.Received the “gift package”, the enterprise energy foot, project acceleration.Wanhua Chemical Group, the “chemical carrier” that is building large-scale projects in Jiangyin Gangcheng Economic Zone of Fuqing, has established the plan to start MDI and formaldehyde projects smoothly in 2022. The construction site is full of upsurge everywhere. Nearly 2,000 employees and contractors will spend the Spring Festival on the spot during the Spring Festival.To this end, the enterprise specially formulated the Spring Festival overtime subsidy method: From January 25 to February 15, each site construction staff full attendance, can be awarded up to 10,000 yuan.In addition, there are free meals during festivals, shopping gift certificates, lottery and other benefits to guide construction workers to work steadily and ensure the early realization of production targets.Project construction “no winter”, only seize the day “early spring”.In Changle District, after the implementation of the “good start” 10 policies and measures, we actively planned the annual project construction objectives and tasks.”This year we will carry out the ‘project implementation year’ action, arrange 330 provincial, municipal and district key projects, annual planned investment of 72 billion yuan, strive to promote the construction of more than 20 key projects such as Fuzhou Metro Smart Park in the first quarter, sprint to ‘a good start’.”Changle district related person in charge said.