These signs are very logical and good at reasoning. They can hit the nail on the head and are hard to fool

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In our life, you must find some people who are very strong in logical thinking.When presenting a question to them, they can point out exactly where it doesn’t make sense, and they can say exactly what you don’t have a key piece of evidence or are just talking nonsense.This kind of person is very strong in logical thinking, and especially good at reasoning and judgment, they can deduce the truth of the whole thing from their own clues.Because such people have strong insight and close logical thinking, they can always extract what they can use from useful information and find problems to the point of view.Today we are going to talk about these logical signs, who are good at reasoning, and who can always hit the nail on the head. They are hard to fool.Mercury is the key to judging a person’s ability to think logically and communicate.When a person’s Mercury is in virgo, it means they were born with Mercury.This means that virgo’s water energy is at its best and their thinking is more logical and insightful.Virgo people tend to pay attention to detail, especially when you communicate with them. They are particularly able to find you in small details, or find holes in you.So generally speaking, as long as mercury in Virgo does not suffer from severe travel, their logical thinking is very strong, and particularly good at reasoning.These people can extract what they need from a lot of information, and then use it for themselves to determine what they want to get.Their ability to hit the nail on the head is especially strong when mercury and Pluto are in hexal phases in their chart.Because Pluto is especially penetrating, and when it is mercury’s energy on collocation, their thoughts run is very fast, and will always find the whole of execution is not logical, they found the problem can be drawn, and to use their own logical thinking to think, to judge, eventually draw their own conclusions.So if someone with this aspect is in their chart, they are very logical and hard to fool.It’s not that they know everything, but they can always tell the truth by looking at these clues.They will not be deceived by anyone, because they always believe in their own reason and logic.Scorpio is a Scorpio in a person’s chart, if Scorpio is high in energy, this means they are naturally more perceptive and intuitive.Especially when Mercury is in Scorpio, their insights are amazing.Scorpio’s ability to hit the nail on the head, combined with Mercury’s thinking and logic, will make them extremely sharp in matters.The sharp and penetrating power of mercury Scorpions gives their eyes a special sense of presence.If you choose to lie in front of them, then you will probably feel uneasy, because the crystal falls on Scorpio, their eyes have the kind of inquiry that makes many liars uncomfortable.Especially if hades is in Scorpio’s position in the chart, the Scorpio energy of such a person is greatly enhanced, and the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto also means that they are more penetrating and accurate in their view of things.They can always find the context of things and the key, will not be confused by appearances, they do not believe in appearances, not to say what others say, they have the ability to think independently, logic is very strong.Very sophisticated, so it’s almost impossible for someone like this to fool them.