In the next two days, it will be sunny or cloudy with the temperature rising slowly

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On Tuesday February 8, 2022 since yesterday afternoon city rain and snow has ending the cold air transit though low temperature body feeling cold, compared with the other day during the day today air quality has a better improve the rain and snow weather city counties is “the rain participation of” specific rainfall as follows and actual weather forecast affected by the plateau trough and warm moist air flows south,Snow weather began to appear in our city on 5th, medium snow in the north, small to medium snow in the south.As of 8 o ‘clock on the 8th, the accumulative total snowfall in each county was 1.4~7.5mm, the largest in Changwu.The northern snow depth of 1~14cm, the deepest for Changwu.Yesterday jingyang, Sanyuan, Liquan, ganxian no snow, the rest of the counties appear light snow, the largest xunyi 1.3mm.Future weather forecast predicts overcast with cloudy skies during the day.Due to snow and low temperatures, there will be ice on roads in most parts of north China.05 27 points xianyang observatory continue to release this morning icy roads yellow warning signal today sunlight back a sweeping sky yesterday haze and out but more cloud cover is given priority to with the grave cloudy sunny the temperature is still not optimistic 07 when downtown this morning according to meteorological monitoring temperatures in changwu – 2 ℃ lowest temperatures as low as 7.7 ℃ with intermittent appearances by the afternoon sunshineIn the next two days, the weather in our city will be fine and the temperature will rise again in the next 10 days. The cloud will increase in the western part of the city. There will be sporadic light snow in the next three days.9 ℃ and 9 ℃ and 9 ℃ will also present the upward trend but later temperatures fluctuate premature must not lose winter especially the elderly, children and other weak groups should be pay attention to keep warm of cold yo ~ holiday is over you are advised to early to bed and early to rise can be appropriately adjust good work and rest time for outdoor activities, strengthen physical exercise at the same time with the positive spirit to greet the New Year study and workXianyang Traffic weather forecast Xianyang COVID-19 prevention and control special forecast Xianyang tourist attractions weather forecast major cities of the province (source: Xianyang Weather)