Spring Festival stalls to earn 4000 yuan!A man in Ningbo has started his second career, earning a fortune by selling food stalls

2022-06-18 0 By

For the Spring Festival, children are always the most happy.Because, not only can open happy summer vacation, but also can receive a lot of lucky money.However, there is a group of people who are also very happy.Recently, Ningbo’s Lao Wang shared his experience of making 4,000 yuan by setting up a stall for more than a week during the Spring Festival.Although, Lao Wang has already started work.However, Lao Wang’s heart is still itching.So, two days ago into a batch of children’s toys, ready to go off work to set up stalls, both kill time, and can subsidize the family, why not.Lao Wang’s hobby is very simple: making money for pleasure.Speaking of the idea of setting up a stall to sell toys, Lao Wang took his nephew to buy toys.Because, a small remote control car should sell big dozens.And it’s surprisingly cheap.Then, Lao Wang also germination of the idea of selling toys.After all, toys are indispensable in the growth of children. As long as children like them, parents will satisfy their children.In this way, Lao Wang started with the pattern of stalls, and found toy manufacturers through contacts.So, Lao Wang takes goods cost is very low, and the thing also has the texture.Lao Wang felt very happy to get so many tickets during the Spring Festival.Besides, Lao Wang was also very happy to see the children get toys and smile like flowers.For this matter, some ningbo people have words: Lv Mi: The main reason is that the chengguan didn’t come to share your joy, so you are whimsical.Zhao xiaodemon: can earn money good, afraid not to sell hit hand.Wang Yibo: Toys are irresistible to children.And now adults are willing to buy for children.Lin Yiwan: I think so too. I got a batch of remote-controlled cars.As a result, one of our relatives’ children are divided, and there are dozens of them in the home.What do you think about this?Welcome to comment!