The Korean facial mask Medi Huil sponsored the women s best actress, Kim Hyo-young, to win in a row, Heo Seo-hyun, Kim Eun-jae and others

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In the past two years, the trend of newly added go matches in South Korea is surging again.MEDIHEAL, a brand of P Cosmetics company, has named a new women’s elite competition. Now, the number of professional women’s competitions in Korea has increased to seven: Women’s League, Women’s National Player, women’s Chess Master, women’s Master, Women’s Strongest, Women’s Namseoheon Cup and women’s Elite, among which the last four will be added from 2021.In addition, there are veteran women’s challenge competition, women’s new challenge competition and other gender competitions.Kim Hyo-young became the first champion in the year of Yin tiger.The full name of the “2022 Meidi Huil Millennium Women’s Best Match” consists of 15 professional female go players born after 2000 and one female go student from the Korean Go Institute. The preliminary selection will be conducted from January 12 to 14, and the final eight will be changed to single elimination.The first and second runners-up will receive 5 million won and 3 million won (about 26,000 yuan, 16,000 yuan).Qualifiers all masks, which makes the photo lost most of its charm.Of the 16 contestants, the best-known and most widely watched are Hyo, born in 2002, and Kim, born in 2007, but their performances could not have been more different.Kim Eun-jae, who returned from a one-year suspension, competed in her first women’s event and beat two big sisters, Kim Noh-kyung and Lee Do-hyun, to finish in the top eight.Hyo was in a slump, losing lee Seol-joo and Kim Hyo-young to an early exit.Hyo Seo (left), who has attracted much attention from sponsors, failed to win the Medi Huil Cup.The original thought is just a foil to the amateur hospital high beauty zhao, the qualifier will be two women’s league level chess player Pu Zhaolu, Zheng Youzhen one by one to beat, the eight strong match to win gold Lu Jiong, a first upset.However, Kim’s defeat to Kim Hyo-young was equally surprising.Chung Yu-jin and Kim Min-su defeated Lee Seol-ju and Kim Kyung-eun respectively in the other two sets of the quarterfinals on January 25.Even wearing a mask, Kim Noh-kyung, who was born in 2002, still has a beautiful face.Kim Hyo-young (left) outplayed Kim Eun-ji.Kim eun-ju was young, but ranked highest among the 16 contestants.The semifinals and finals broke out on Feb. 3 and 4, just after the Lunar New Year holiday in South Korea.Ko mi-cho was on the verge of setting a record for an amateur player to reach a professional final in the semifinals, but she was beaten by Kim hyo-young at the last minute.On the other side of the jin Minshu victory in 2020 Nie Weiping cup beat Ueno Lisha, Wu Yiming and famous Zheng Youzhen, destined to hold the outcome of the new.It is only a matter of time before Ko mi-cho, who was born in 2002, enters the professional camp, judging by her performance in the Medi Vale Cup.Zheng Youzhen was born in 2006 at the end of last year consecutive Wu Yuzhen, Jin Caiying to get the south snow xuan cup runner-up, but not in the new competition to the top.Kim Hyo-young, who was born in 2006, and Kim Min-sul, who was born in 2007, are both new players in 2021. Kim Min-sul, whose birthday is one and a half months younger than Kim Eun-jae (Kim Eun-jae was born on May 27 and Kim Min-sul on July 10), is the youngest professional go player in South Korea.Kim Hyo-young on the left and Kim Min-su on the right.Kim Hyo-young, who defeated Hyohyun, Kim Eun-ji and Jung Yoo-jin in succession, won the final with 13 and a half sets, becoming the first Korean woman to win the game since 2000.The final.