Three amazing books, each of which is a current top hit!

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To find a good book, book allows you to find more high quality content of the novel, from now on there will be no shortage of books, is that you choose high quality the good assistant of the novel, later it would be easier to find all kinds of popular novels, don’t miss the wonderful novel content, the recommended to help you, if I then remember attention, thumb up, recommend, recommend more wonderful content for you every day!Here are three books that you can read just by looking at the introduction of the story, each of which is the current top.The first: “divine tomb” author: Chen East introduction: the light sees the story brief introduction to be able to attract 3 this god makes, each is current top flow!An ordinary young man who had died for thousands of years rose from the tomb of an ancient god.Guide into the pit: the ground of the practitioner surprised to look at the sky, did not expect to now staged an air battle, this unexpected event attracted everyone’s attention.It can be expected that in the following period of time, the name of Chennan will inevitably become the focus of people’s talk again.Chennan looked at the little princess who flew around him, and he smiled at the corners of his mouth and whispered to the magician, “Go as fast as you can toward the flying tiger, and I guarantee that you will not be harmed in the process.”The magician hesitated for a moment, then stopped falling and rushed to the little princess.The little princess was scared, did not expect the other party suddenly counter-attack, she quickly ordered jade to avoid.But it is too late, Chennan capture dragon hand lightning brandish, huge golden light palm emitting auspicious light to her and tiger king package enveloped and go, they did not have time to make any resistance was swept away, this one trick caused countless people on the ground exclaim.”Ah, that’s the bad move again…”The little princess gas in the light palm struggling, Shouting, at the beginning of the chu emperor she is Chen Nan caught with the capture of the dragon hand, resulting in her almost become Chen Nan maid, and now by this unique trapped, she was angry and hate.(Click below to read for free) the second: “The King of All Phases” author: Silkworm potato introduction: between heaven and earth, there are all phases.And I, Lilo, will be the king of all forms.Into the pit guide: refining room, Yan Lingqing is also to stay a few rest, immediately on the beautiful face immediately have excited joy to emerge, she could not help but turn around and embrace Li Luo, cheering jumping.Li Luo hurriedly raised his hands, indicating their innocence, but at the same time feel that stick on the body of soft fragrance, although there is no magnificent, but there is a unique slim slim.But Yan Lingqing soon is also back to god, quickly released Li Luo, the United States eyes a little embarrassed stare.’It’s none of my business, is it?Li Luo innocent raised his hands, this woman is unreasonable, rushed over is you, now angry is you.Yan Lingqing light hum 1, raised a fist toward him, but the smile on that beautiful face, it is how all conceal not to live, obviously, this turn the tables, let her very happy.”Congratulations, first palmist of Tianshu county.”Li Lo laughed.Yan Lingqing white his one eye, this what day Shu county first quenching division of the name, but no gold content, she is not how rare, let her happy is that she defeated the Song Qiuyu, ruthlessly out of a bad temper.”How did I win? You know…However, the success of this refining, but let me have some insights.Introduction: The Twelve zodiac signs symbolize the twelve months, but no one knows that they also symbolize the twelve guardians.Twelve guardians of the zodiac.Into the pit guide: into the campus, clearly without traces from the hands of Qi Yue out of his hand, in the North University of Qing Dynasty she has some fame, do not want to see their gossip, and Qi Yue’s hand is very hot, was holding him make clearly feel some palpitate.”Qi Yue, now left us two, you can always say, after all is how to return a responsibility?”Mingming asked in a low voice.Qi Yue boon 1, “in fact, I really don’t know is how to return a responsibility, obviously I ask you, in past dynasties kylin, have kylin arm this ability ever appeared, if have, so is not very strong?”Mingming thought for a moment and frowned. “No, I’ve heard guru Zaghlu say something about qilin, but I’ve never heard of a Qilin arm!Kylin’s ability is generally in accordance with their own kylin xiangyun to decide, the stronger the cloud, the stronger the strength.You are a kylin with four auspicious clouds. Your strength should be thunder, fire, water and wind. What kylin arm comes from?”Qi Yue wry smile way: “but, I was in your home with kylin arm defeat your elder brother.”Ming Ming frowned and said, “Qilin arm?What exactly is a unicorn arm?I’m afraid master Zaghlu doesn’t know that.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation, remember to follow, recommend and like it, and there will be more wonderful content waiting for you in the future!Past wonderful content: three relatively unpopular science fiction novels, high quality praise, let a person sink!Fantasy cool text: the peerless genius freely and freely different world, as long as I see not happy of all give me when slave!”Soul sword zun” : heavy life only for revenge, when I get the soul sword will be three realms not to be killed