Why is the fifth day of the first lunar month called Po Wu?How to “break”?A lot of finesse

2022-06-18 0 By

Time flies quickly to the fifth day today also is known as a “break five” legend has it the New Year’s eve to fifth day and there were many taboos during this time the “break five” these taboos can remove the image: figure worm creative but do you know the fifth day this day also not baiwujinji also has a lot of exquisite which customs today how?First of all is to welcome the God of wealth after all in the New Year also have to rely on the protection of the God of wealth so many people will open the door at zero on the fifth day of the first month, setting off firecrackers to welcome the arrival of the God of wealth second,”Poor” because there is the first day to the fifth day not the custom of taking out the trash implies “accumulate” in the face of the accumulation of the four days of garbage today finally can pour out image: figure worm moral ideas and make dumplings to hold small mouth in some places still in package dumplings on moral COINS, glazed date etc. In the New Year let little people to shut up to prosperous life sweet in addition to this dayBusiness also want to open the door because today is the day to meet the god of wealth is the last to avoid visiting the door to see, do you understand?Editor: Zhang Yu