BANSBAO banxiao Bao strong declaration of brand strength, screen New York NASDAQ

2022-06-19 0 By

In April 2019, The Chinese national brand Banxiao Bao Screen was located in the “world’s first screen” on NASDAQ Financial Street, and landed in New York Times Square, which is known as the “crossroads of the world”. Standing on the world stage, the brand built a bridge for Chinese goods to go to the world.Banxiaobao shows the brilliant image of Chinese national enterprise brand to the world with dazzling posture, and constantly refreshes consumers’ brand awareness of Banxiaobao to a new high.Located in the heart of Manhattan and the bustling business district of New York, NASDAQ screen is famous for its largest area and most extensive influence in the industry. Many global top brands and enterprises vie to board this shining stage.This time, BANSBAO will dominate the NASDAQ, through the world window to “attract the eyes of the world”, to show the strength of Chinese national brands to the world.Banxiaobao’s banxiaobao brand has more than 350 official flagship experience stores, which adopt the dual operation mode of “online + offline” to provide users with high-quality service experience.At that time, Banxiao General took “only do effective products” as the operation concept of the voice of Asia.With absolute ingenuity spirit forging high standard of product quality, to create the best user experience for the initial heart, won the “Ruili Clothing beauty” recognition, and invited to “Ruili clothing beauty” ceremony at the end of 2021, won the “annual brand influence award”.The brand believes that true beauty is not limited by age.Since the inception of the brand, the brand will help thousands of women to regain the beauty of health as the leading, planning a precise brand positioning.Banxiao will focus on creating a high-end skin care brand in line with women’s skin, and reach strategic cooperation with international first-class and top suppliers to research and develop products, aiming to develop international cutting-edge skin care formula, and the new product will be widely praised once launched.Is the so-called never forget, there will be echoes, followed by good news all source brand adhere to the original heart, fine farming products of the spirit of ingenuity.Banxiaojiang brand adheres to the product characteristics of “safe and effective” at the beginning of its establishment, and produces skin care products for people with different skin colors, different regions and different customs, aiming at a higher, wider and wider world stage.In the next few years, it is an inevitable trend for the market to move towards digital management. With the help of big data analysis, the brand will seize the opportunity to accurately depict customer group portraits, manage customer flow store operation and member services, and gradually explore a new retail model of beauty makeup and skin care.In the future, Banxiaobao will help thousands of women regain a healthy, confident and brave attitude towards life with its high-quality skin care products and good service, and open a new journey of beautiful life to be the most beautiful of themselves!