Emergency transfer, only for the treatment of nansha reef injured soldiers

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, a Chinese aircraft took off from Zhubi Reef of the Nansha Islands to transport Deng Xianzhong, a soldier of the Garrison of the Nansha Islands, to the General Hospital of the Southern Theater Command in Guangzhou for medical treatment.At 18 o ‘clock on January 30, Deng Xianzhong, who was carrying out the mission, accidentally injured his fingers, which showed signs of purple skin, limited movement and exposed phalanx.Later, Deng Xianzhong was rushed to the hospital for treatment and was initially diagnosed with multiple finger fractures and crush injuries.Considering the serious problems such as local ischemia and expanded necrosis, it was suggested to transfer the injured to the rear hospital for further treatment as soon as possible after the consultation of several experts.The injury is urgent.Nansha garrison immediately launched the response mechanism and set up a medical treatment team, while applying to the superior to coordinate the implementation of aircraft evacuation.The plane carrying the injured took off from Zhubi Reef at 22:00 PM and landed safely three hours later. Medical staff immediately transferred Deng xianzhong to the General Hospital of the Southern Theater Command.”Life comes first, and soldiers in a big country are precious. The special flight from the superior authorities to treat the injured soldiers and soldiers at all costs fully reflects the care and love of the officers and soldiers guarding the Reefs of Nansha at all levels. We will complete the task assigned by the motherland and people with full morale and energy.”Some brigade soldier yu Xiao said.Deng xianzhong has completed surgery, is in stable condition and is receiving follow-up treatment.It is reported that with the continuous improvement of various rescue mechanisms in Nansha, more than 10 fishermen and soldiers suffering from critical diseases have been treated in time in recent years.Nanhai 2022, you and I together!Quick collection!Song Kangfei, Liu Quan, Yang Jie, Yu Chunhao, Zhang Kaifan, Yin Zhenzhou, Feng Junxian, On duty editor: Xu Miaobo, In charge editor: Zhang Chenxi, on duty Editor: Zhang Chenxi, Issue 840Supervisor: Political Work Department of the Navy under the PLA Southern Theater Commandnhjdgzh@163.com 0759-7661332