Pioli: Only real effort can win the game at this stage

2022-06-19 0 By

Milan – Round 29 of Serie A saw AC Milan beat Empoli 1-0 at home, with the Rossoneri remaining top of the table with 63 points.Milan coach Pioli said in an interview that they are satisfied with the victory, but they will take every game seriously in the future.”We have to always look at the next game as the most important and we need to go game by game at the top.”Pioli told Italy’s Sky Sports.”Our position in the table looks good, but in reality we have two more games.I think it would be fair if all the teams played the same number of games in the league, but that’s out of our hands.”Tonight milan played very well, we controlled the game and didn’t take too many risks.Empoli’s passing made it difficult for us and we made some mistakes at the back, but defensively we did ok.”We needed to keep our defence tight and in this case we were ready to counter attack, we got the ball back and attacked immediately.We were a bit sluggish at the start of the second half and the lack of movement meant we couldn’t find those passing options.We couldn’t dominate tonight, but we certainly controlled the game.””Of course it would be ideal to kill the suspense early but at this stage of the season every team has their own goals and we need to put in a real effort to win games.”Asked when winning the league title would be assured, Pioli continued: “Before the last game of the season, if we have a four-point lead, it will be ok.”Pioli said: “I hope the boys will continue to give their best. We saw tonight how difficult it is to win, so we are already thinking about the difficulty of the trip to Cagliari.We don’t look too far ahead and we don’t look too far behind.”On whether Juve are still in contention, pioli said: “they are definitely in it, there are 27 points to play for, they are on an incredible winning streak, I think the top five are in contention.