Warmly welcome the triumphant medical team from Xi ‘an First Hospital to support the designated hospital for COVID-19 patients

2022-06-19 0 By

On January 30, the medical team from the designated hospital of Xi ‘an First Hospital to support COVID-19 patients completed their mission and returned home in triumph.At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, xi ‘an First Hospital chest pain center, the hospital held a brief and grand welcome ceremony.President Liu Zhi, Party Secretary Yang Junle, Vice President Wang Keping and vice President Zhang Hongbing attended the welcoming ceremony on behalf of the leading group of the academy.The heads of some functional departments of the hospital, colleagues and family members of the team were greeted by the roadside early, their faces filled with joy.The welcoming ceremony was presided over by President Liu Zhi.Komatsuda m secretary made a speech, he highly praised the hospital medical team 90 medical workers in mind duties, retrograde, day and night, not afraid of disaster, strict protection, to ensure safety, follow the guidelines, standard operating procedures, prevention and control system, strictly implement the court made use practical actions to prove that team is a listen to the party command, can come at the drop of a hat, can to the fight, fight to win tiejun.At the same time thanks to the members of the family and friends support!President Liu Zhi, on behalf of the academy and all staff, extended warm welcome and high respect to all of them for their successful return. As the Spring Festival is approaching, he urged all of them to rest and enjoy a peaceful and happy Spring Festival while abiding by relevant regulations of quarantine.It is reported that xi ‘an People’s Hospital has completed three inpatient wards in 27 days, receiving 178 confirmed COVID-19 patients.We are united as one and work hard tenaciously to achieve the goal of cure for all patients and zero infection for all medical staff.