Clock in!Jin ‘an this network red flower border fire out of the circle!

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Beautiful flower border, such as the fairy tale in the dream and reality interlace between the four seasons between the cycle of writing youth at present Fuzhou Jinjishan flower border has been completed more than 150 kinds of flowers and plants colorful and festive “Fu Hu” complement each other many citizens came to take photos, card repeatedly praised “creative” “very festive” “New Year flavor” flower border why favored?Take a look at the fuzhou version of the “high” flowers habitat golden annunciation, baihua hesui flowers habitat simulation of fuzhou mountain landform divided into five planting space between moral island in fuzhou basin landform covered with gravel road symbol of minjiang and oolong river surrounding the ups and downs of the four island match around 4 – drum mountain peaks in fuzhou, the lianhua mountain, flag with the five wuhushan flowers bright and moving, such as fuzhou aerial photo.Leilei shi Designer Liu Kunliang taken introduction, the flower border design with “natural” “diversity” “garden” “harmony” as the principle, use painting space techniques, highlight the main visual and the space between the plants with moss, leave room for plant growth and late, with quasi nature configuration technique, create rich layers, colorful, characteristic of mixed into the type of long-acting flowers habitat.Small stones are set up for citizens to sit down and take photos.Select “fu” gas flowers habitat selection of suitable ornamental plants more than 150 kinds of mainly perennial small ornament annual brews shu-chin Lin taken selected a name with “tiger” plant moral character “fu” “tiger” auspicious flowers habitat with the subject of festival warm warm color, with “fireworks” trees “auspicious” crown set off to celebrate the New Year, sharing the beauty of the festival atmosphere photograph shu-chin Lin liu kunLiang stressed that although there are many varieties of flowers, they are “low-maintenance” and easy to maintain, making them suitable for parks.Shu-chin Lin taken echoed in order to better coordinate the layout of the flower border around the cultivation of ornamental plants in line arrangement of the air as the tree pineapple and ferns on the diagonal cultivation to chung zen arts such as lotus flowers and herbs and flowers habitat shu-chin Lin taken small details make visual effect present a harmonious aesthetic feeling they say so at the scene of many citizens through flowers in the flower border and sometimes posed,Sometimes watching flower aunt Wang wearing a SLR camera, professional sense.”It’s the first time I’ve seen it,” she said happily.Compared with the previous flower arrangement, flower border is more ‘alive’ and flower arrangement is more ‘dead’.”Ms. Xu used her mobile phone to search for popular science on flowers and exclaims: “It is jasmine!Before only look in the photo, the real it is so beautiful!I love flowers and grow them myself, but there are many flowers here that I have never seen before.It was a lesson today.”Shu-chin Lin was taken in addition to the highly ornamental flowers habitat also reflects the landscape management refinement golden hill park service says shu-chin Lin, director of the characteristics of flower border, difference in bed season change more manpower and financial resources from high input, one ‘investment, long-term’ goal for many years, can significantly reduce the late maintenance costs;Accessible flower border garden design makes up for the past flower landscape layout “can be viewed from a distance but not close”, shorten the distance between plants and people.At the same time, the abundant plant species can realize the connection and echo of the flowering period of plants, presenting the effect of flower appreciation in each season and different scenery in each season, which can be used as a perfect place to carry out science popularization education of nature for primary and secondary school students and natural experience for citizens of all ages.Surprise!With the change of the four seasons, every plant has its rise and fall. The flower border also has different looks in different seasons. Since then, every time you come to Jinci Mountain Park, you will meet different flower border and harvest novel feelings.This is the only place where fuzhou can enter type flower border can bring you visit immersive experience in order to facilitate everybody clock photo stylist is set in couplet to flowers and plants high left low right arrangement for visitors “white space” to form a “flower frame” standing on the carpet of flowers before the second show with a beat is spring before the Spring Festival holiday about relatives to golden hill park flowers habitat clock pictures do the brightest circle of friendsLiu Kunliang is the deputy director of China Flower Environment Special Committee, the first group of Special flower environment teachers in China, the gold medal lecturer of flower environment training, and the chief plant expert.It has won 2018 IFLA Gold Award in comprehensive Ecology category, 1 first prize and 2 third prizes of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress, and cultivated and promoted 2 plant patent varieties on a large scale.Specializes in the introduction and application of new superior garden plants, mainly focuses on the construction of natural style plant landscape, especially the design and construction of flower border and special garden of characteristic plants, as well as the simulation of natural meadow and flower meadow.Many international and domestic high-level awards.Representative works include:South lake in jiaxing, zhejiang red flowers habitat, Shanghai pudong four historiographers pursue the way memory flowers habitat, fujian PuCheng easy flower valley, Beijing expo garden rock gardens and garden in guangxi, the fourth China green expo in guangdong, guangxi, Shanghai and guizhou ZhanYuan flowers habitat, the 10th China flower expo garden in guangdong and guangxi garden flowers and herbs YaoCaoYuan small garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, wuhan botanical garden,Herb Garden of Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine, Medicinal Greenhouse of Navy Military Medical University, Flower landscape of United Nations Conference on Biological Diversity in Kunming, Yunnan, etc.