Conquering American athletes, Beijing Winter Olympic village bed high-tech exposure, remote control seconds sofas

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The first match of the Beijing Winter Olympics will begin on February 2, with China taking on Switzerland in the first round of mixed doubles curling at 8:05 PM.Curling is the most and longest major event in terms of competition time and number of games in this Winter Olympic Games. It is expected that the athletes of the Chinese Winter Olympic Delegation can have a bright performance.At present, the Beijing Winter Olympic Village is officially open, and delegations and athletes from all countries have arrived in Beijing.On January 30, Beijing time, American luger Britcher, who moved into the Beijing Olympic Village, shot a video that went viral.The video features beds in Beijing’s Winter Olympics village, and Britcher experienced some incredible things that she is happy to share with the Internet.She took the remote control is introduced in the video this high-tech mattress, can rise and fall to multiple locations, after a few seconds, becomes closer to the state of sofa bed, her comfortably lying on the sofa of the high-tech, the high-tech configuration to make her feel shocked, the Olympic village, comfortable bed to let her incredible, many of the Tokyo Olympic Games contestant message thumb up.This also shows that Beijing, as the host city, never makes a fool of itself when entertaining foreign athletes. The living environment, conditions and diet provided to athletes from all over the world are very reliable.Compared to the Tokyo Olympic Games this year, Japan’s preparation for the summer games, for athletes of all countries has brought very bad experience, in particular the size compare tall athletes, they sleep in the Tokyo Olympic Games paper bed would seem to be very abrupt, some athletes also give sleep the bed board is broken, the exposure of video makes summer the Tokyo Olympic Games full of some embarrassed,Also let the Japanese Olympic organizing committee’s face is not hanging.The Japanese Olympic Committee has been conveying a point of view to the outside world that the concept of the Tokyo Olympics is to save environmental protection, hoping that the athletes of various countries living in the house understand, do not damage the room.That’s why the beds and walls inside the Apartments in The Olympic Village provided by the Tokyo Olympics are made of cardboard.Some European and American athletes refused to eat in the Olympic village canteen, and even made fun of the apartment bathroom is too small, the bed is too small, and the air conditioner leaks.The foreign media also revealed that Japan’s construction was shoddy after the embezzlement of Olympic funds, and many athletes simply slept on the floor, but it was very uncomfortable to sleep.Australia’s athletes before leaving Tokyo Olympic village party “revenge”, also got a big hole in living room, the room is a mess, the floor is all vomit, Australian athletes also took some room to spend money to take away the mascot, a lot of overseas players in the social media expressed dissatisfaction with Tokyo Olympic organizing committee,Also made fun of the medal quality unreliable.On the other hand, the Olympic village in Beijing provides a higher living environment for athletes from all over the world, and the medal design is also for ulterior motives.High-tech beds, zero gravity mode, and no overseas athletes eating Fukushima ingredients.We welcome all foreign athletes to Beijing for the Winter Olympics, and we look forward to the great achievements of the Chinese Olympic Team.