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Do you believe in fate?I sometimes think the word fate is too heavy, will think that fate should be in their own hands, but when I see the cause and effect, they began to believe in fate.Life is uncertain, the world is unpredictable, everyone’s life has some things are destined to be their own control, because there will always be things contrary to our wishes, there will always be a bad time, but we can not control the bad and unhappy moments.At any moment, what should happen will happen, we can not change, because the front is full of unknown sense, because everything is unknown, we have been walking carefully ahead, in this tunnel of life, there seems to be no end, we do not know where to go, where should go?There is no real home, everything with their own heart.Some people walk with their feet, some people walk with their heart, each road is different, but each road is not so easy to go on.Every road is subject to change, and there may be a time when you have to make a new choice. When you calm down and think about it carefully, most things in your life are a new choice, a choice, a beginning, a direction.It is said that life is impermanent, fate is also impermanent, all the unknown is uncertain, and we should live well in the present, to do something that can be done in the present.The ups and downs of life are always to be experienced, without experience it seems that you can not be firm, without experiencing darkness, you can never see the light, and this light is the light from the heart.The light in our hearts will never be extinguished, and we will always be able to move forward with determination. Although some things are beyond our control, we can truly control our hearts.Cause and effect need to see, but also to learn to see their own heart, what you need and want, the strength of the heart is hard, toward the heart, you can have no fear.Hello everyone, I am Liu Tianyi, the author. If you like my article, please pay more attention to me.